Agriculture at the Intersection of Climate, Administrative Law, and Battles Over Regulatory Science

October 18, 2021 • 12:30 PM • Law School 4055

Fifteen years since the Duke Law Journal published Professor Hornstein's article on the surprising lessons organic agriculture teaches about the battle between market- and risk-based regulation (56 Duke L. J. 1540), agriculture remains an understudied battleground upon which climate-policy, ecosystem services, and "good science" regularly contest. Join Duke Food Law Society to hear Professor Hornstein (the all-time winner of UNC Law School's "Best Teacher" Award, a Fulbright Scholar in East Africa, and one of the founding professors of UNC's Program on Ecology, Environment & Energy) survey key developments in agricultural policy in an era of climate and technological disruption. Sponsored by Duke Food Law Society and DBA. For more information, please contact Alex Obiol at