BlockHack 2017

September 29, 2017 • 4:00 PM • The Bullpen at Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative

Blockchain technology is growing into an integral part of the Internet's evolution. At its most basic level, blockchain is a publicly verifiable distributed-ledger of records. But this technology has the power to eliminate the need for transaction intermediaries such as banks. By providing a completely secure way to engage in commerce, blockchain technology is an innovative platform fueling the growth of global economies. We will have panel discussions on blockchain implications ranging from finance to IoT to civic engagement. BlockHack 2017 is centered on ways to integrate blockchain in both public and private sectors. This hackathon will allow promising young techies to work together while applying blockchain towards some of the world's biggest problems. To view the full agenda and to register, please visit: Sponsored by the Duke Center on Law & Technology. For more information, please contact Jeff Ward at, Lee Reiners with the Global Financial Markets Center at or John Fallone with The Lincoln Network at