DJCLPP 2014 Symposium - The Future of Campaign Finance Reform

February 07, 2014 • 9:00 AM • See description

The Supreme Court recently heard McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, and it may be poised to enact further changes to the campaign donation system. This presents a great opportunity to discuss issues related to the state of campaign finance and the possible need for reform after Citizens United. What is the identifiable role of big money in politics? How should we identify corruption in campaign finance? Should we bring back soft money? These are some of the questions we will be addressing during the Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy's annual symposium. The Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy Symposium will be held in the Sanford 223 Rhodes Conference Room for the morning panels and in Law 4047 for the afternoon panels. For more information, please contact Sudeep Paul at or visit