Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law Symposium

November 05, 2016 • 7:30 AM • Law School 3037

The Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law (DJCIL) is hosting a symposium on the topic of Internationalizing the Conflict of Laws Restatement. The symposium will provide an opportunity to explore an array of topics such as Comparative Law and International Law in the New Restatement, International versus Interstate Conflicts, Family Law and Domestic Relations and several other topics. The symposium will feature all three reporters of the 3rd Restatement of the Conflict of Laws: Laura Little, Kermit Roosevelt III and Chris Whytock. Speakers will include Patrick Borchers, Hannah Buxbaum, Donald Earl Childress III, Ann Laquer Estin, Richard Fentiman, Professor Ralf Michaels, Horatia Muir Watt, Mathias Reimann, Linda Silberman, Symeon Symeonides, Louise Ellen Teitz, and Chris Whytock. If you are interested in attending the DJCIL Symposium please email djcilsymposium2016@gmail.com. Sponsored by DJCIL. For more information, please visit http://djcil.law.duke.edu/symposium/contact or contact John Epling at john.epling@duke.edu.