Duke-South Africa Conference on Comparative Foreign Relations Law

October 13, 2017 • 1:00 PM • See description

The Duke-South Africa Conference on Comparative Foreign Relations Law, which is being organized by Duke Law School and is being held at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, brings together leading experts from around the world to compare and contrast how nations structure their decision-making about foreign affairs and how they incorporate international law within their domestic legal systems. The topics to be discussed include the making and application of treaties and other international agreements; decisions to withdraw from international commitments; the domestic incorporation and application of customary International law and jus cogens norms, including with respect to issues relating to sovereign and foreign official immunity; and decisions to use military force and participate in collective security. The conference will utilize a roundtable discussion format, and participants will also visit South Africa's Constitutional Court. To facilitate the discussion, each participant is preparing a draft chapter that will be circulated prior to the conference. These chapters will ultimately be included in The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Foreign Relations Law. For more information, please see https://law.duke.edu/news/duke-south-africa-conference/ or contact Ali Prince at ali.prince@law.duke.edu.