Give Me a Brake-Light!

November 09, 2019 • 10:00 AM • Off-campus
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North Carolina law requires drivers to have two working brake lights at all times. This leads to unnecessary police interaction during traffic stops that can lead to searches. In Durham, these stops happen three times as much to black drivers as to white drivers. Unnecessary traffic stops often target other communities of color as well, including immigrant populations. This can have especially dire consequences for undocumented folks. Many people do not have the means or time to fix brake lights themselves, so help us pass along the word, come swing by, and help Duke Law and graduate students committed to social justice fix them! The clinic will be held in the parking lot of Advanced Auto Parts at 3301 Hillsborough Rd in Durham on Saturday, November 9th. Sponsored by Duke Law American Civil Liberties Union, Duke Law National Lawyers Guild, the Duke Black Law Student Association, Duke Black Graduate & Professional Students Association, Duke Immigration and Refugee Project, and Duke South Asian Law Student Association. For more information, email Natalie Pate at