The Legal Frameworks of Work After the End of Employment

March 22, 2019 • 9:00 AM • Law School 3041

This symposium will explore how the law of work does or should respond to the changing shape of work relationships in the contemporary economy. Three major phenomena will be explored. First: As the platform economy enables millions to provide services through an entity that disclaims any legal responsibility for the conditions of employment, how should law respond? Second: How should labor or employment law address the rapid spread of automation, which in the most futuristic sense threaten or promise to eliminate work? Third: global migrations of peoples and capital in a regulatory frame that renders migrant workers extremely vulnerable and aggregated capital apparently invincible, have generated historically unprecedented levels of inequality while political forces have galvanized nationalist backlash against some of the most vulnerable workers. What soft-law or hard law regulatory frameworks are developing to empower workers? Sponsored by Law & Contemporary Problems. For more information, please contact Will Sowers at