A Networking Event on Navigating the Boys' Club

February 25, 2020 • 6:00 PM • Law School Star Commons

Duke Law students are exposed to numerous wonderful networking opportunities throughout their time at Duke. These include networking receptions, panels, recruitment events, and more, and students can benefit from both career-enhancing advice and life-long connections. But these events can feel especially stressful for women as they face male-dominated discussions and environments while simultaneously learning to navigate these new situations. The WLSA 1L Representatives invites you to A Networking Event on Navigating the Boys' Club. Come to practice networking in a low-pressure environment, speak with women who have been through these situations before, and gain the necessary skills to be emboldened and be better advocate for yourself and your career. Sponsored by WLSA. For more information, please contact Hadar Tanne at hadar.tanne@duke.edu