A New Decade of Districts: A Conversation on Redistricting and Election Law

March 02, 2022 • 12:25 PM • Law School 3043

Gerrymandering, apportionment, and redistricting. Every ten years we hear these words but seldom are they connected to the underlying law and policy that gives them meaning. Join our panel of distinguished election law experts for a discussion of what should be considered when drawing the legislative lines that will shape the next decade. Panelists will include Derek T. Muller, election law expert, Professor of Law, and Bouma Fellow in Law at the University of Iowa. Also featuring Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Duke Law First Amendment Clinic Sarah Ludington '92. A grab and go lunch will be provided at 12:25, with the discussion beginning at 12:45. Sponsored by the Federalist Society. For more information, please contact Casey Witte at