The Other Nixon Scandal: Criminalizing Politics

October 08, 2015 • 12:30 PM • Law School 3043

Geoff Shepard joined Richard Nixon's White House staff right out of Harvard Law School, later becoming the youngest lawyer on his Watergate defense team. They lost big time: Nixon's election mandate was wiped out, he resigned in disgrace, and many of his staff were imprisoned. Forty years later, Shepard is back with newly uncovered evidence of flagrant due process violations - and documents describing how judges and prosecutors conspired to achieve their political goals. His book, The Real Watergate Scandal, documents a shocking story of secret meetings, secret memos, and secret collusion by political opponents. Their Watergate prosecutions launched the criminalization of politics that still haunts politicians today - and taught other current political leaders survival lessons they still employ. Get in on the story as it unfolds. Professor Sara Beale and Geoff Shepard will discuss. Panda Express will be served. Sponsored by the Federalist Society. For more information, please contact Michael Adamson at