Policing Gun Violence: Perspectives from Academia and Law Enforcement

March 21, 2023 • 12:30 PM • Law School 3037

Join us for a discussion on policing and gun violence featuring Sanford Professor Emeritus Philip J. Cook and Durham Chief of Police Patrice Andrews. The discussion will cover Professor Cook's new book, Policing Gun Violence, as well as a detailed report that Professor Cook produced - at the invitation of Chief Andrews - regarding fatal and non-fatal shootings in Durham. Questions raised include: How can police departments find the right balance between over- and under-policing of high-violence areas? What are the best practices for police to preempt and deter gun violence while engendering support and cooperation from the public? The event is sponsored by the Duke Center for Firearms Law and the Wilson Center for Science and Justice. For more information, please contact Taylor Clark at taylor.clark@law.duke.edu.