Research System Integrity and Security: Implications for U.S. Innovation Performance

December 02, 2022 • 12:30 PM • Virtual

As U.S. universities continue to internationalize their campuses, they benefit greatly from increased connectivity with their counterpart institutions abroad. Cross border research collaborations have increased as have student and scholar exchanges. At the same time, as American universities become more globally engaged, they have encountered a broad array of new challenges at home stemming from growing national security concerns as well as concerns about protecting the integrity of the U.S. R&D system. Our panelists, Lora Weiss, Penn State Univ., and Kelvin Droegemeier, Univ. of Oklahoma, have found themselves knee-deep in dealing with the various compliance issues and new regulations that have emerged as well as the impact of these issues on the innovation process itself. Our moderator, Denis Simon, the Center for Innovation Policy at Duke Law, will guide a discussion regarding how the performance of university research is being affected in both positive and negative ways. Sponsored by the Center for Innovation Policy at Duke Law; the Sanford Cyber Policy Program; the Duke Office of Research & Innovation; and, DQ, the Certificate in Digital Intelligence at Duke Science & Society. Registration required: For more information, please contact Balfour Smith (