Restorative Justice and State Law: Challenges and Opportunities for Criminal Justice Reform

October 21, 2020 • 12:30 PM • Virtual

Traditionally conceived as a social service adjunct to public systems to address the needs of victims, restorative justice has increasingly been codified into state law and operationalized into multiple stages of formal legal processes, from pre-charge diversion to post-sentencing. In this talk, Professor Thalia González (Occidental, Georgetown Law) will argue the legal internalization of restorative justice has heightened the need for judges, attorneys, and advocates to not only understand it theoretically, but also pragmatically, as they must now make decisions regarding the use of and access to restorative justice at different stages of legal processes. Drawing on an original 50-state dataset of state statutes, court rules and regulations, she will discuss key empirical findings, implications, trends, and limitations of restorative justice laws in juvenile and criminal justice systems. She will also highlight critical ethical and constitutional considerations. Sponsored by the Criminal Law Society. Co-Sponsored by The Wilson Center for Science and Justice and If/When/How. For more information, please contact Ryan Kuchinski at Please join at: