The Second Amendment and the State's Monopoly on Violence

April 12, 2021 • 12:30 PM • Virtual

Many of the recent debates over police violence, the Capitol insurrection, and the events surrounding last summer's antiracism protests have centered on the connections between guns and violence. Observers of these events have developed different views of violence, the state's role in monopolizing legitimate violence, and the relevance of the Second Amendment to these questions. Join us for a discussion on these topics with Susan Liebell,Associate Professor of Political Science and Pre-Law Advisor, St. Joseph's University; Alice Ristroph, Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School; Jonathan Obert, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Amherst College; and Robert Leider, Assistant Professor of Law at Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University. The webinar can be access here - Sponsored by the Center for Firearms Law. Contact Theresa Boyce ( for more information.