Testing the University: Speech, Freedom, and Civility on College Campuses

March 01, 2018 • 8:45 AM • Penn Pavilion

Free. Advanced registration required. Principles of academic freedom and free speech are central to a university's identity, but they are not simple. Some argue these values are unnecessarily invoked to defend actions that gratuitously target and harm students, faculty, and other members of university communities. Others respond that such perceived harms are inevitable if universities are to maintain their commitments to free inquiry and debate. The purpose of the Provost's Forum is to explore these issues in a deeper and more constructive way. Duke University's Mission Statement reaffirms its foundational commitment to promoting "an intellectual environment built on a commitment to free and open inquiry," which encompasses academic freedom, free speech, and freedom of assembly. But the range and application of those principles raise hard questions. Over the course of the day sessions will explore topics such as "Academic Freedom and the Mission of the University," "Civil Discourse Across Divides," and "Assembly, Protest, and Shared Spaces." Sponsored by the Office of the Provost. For a full schedule and registration please visit https://provost.duke.edu/. For more information, please contact Stephanie Lowd at Stephanie.Lowd@duke.edu with inquiries.