Transactional Law Competition

January 23, 2021 • 1:30 PM • Virtual

The Transactional Law Competition allows Duke Law student teams to compete against one another in the only hands-on transactional practice competition offered for 1Ls and LLMs. Students participate in a mock contract mark-up and negotiation in two-person teams, each representing their client in fictional deal. The event includes a half-day negotiation judged by a practicing attorney, followed by networking. The top three teams from each side of the deal have the opportunity to join the Transactional law Society board. The Transactional Law Competition is sponsored by the Transactional Law Society. The event will be entirely virtual. By November 28th, register as a two-person team or as an individual to be paired with a teammate here:… Please contact John Schwarcz at or Elizabeth Brown at with any questions or for more information.