VFF: The Power of Intention in Art and Medicine

December 04, 2015 • 12:00 PM • Duke North, Room 2003
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Jennifer McCormick is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Department of Art as Applied to Medicine) and a board certified medical illustrator who produces medical demonstrative evidence used in courts of law. She is also an artist, using a combination of x-rays and hand painted imagery to create paper and transilluminated art pieces. She transforms the real images of injuries (from actual x-rays, MRI's, CT's, etc.) into scenes of healing and hope. In this presentation, McCormick will take viewers on a journey through becoming a medical illustrator, a profession that seeks to visualize every visible and invisible aspect of our bodies and their functions, to becoming an artist, where she creates conversation around non-traditional and spiritual healing. Jennifer's visit is co-sponsored by Duke Law (Academic Technologies) and the Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities & History of Medicine.