VIRTUAL - Coronavirus Conversations: Rationing, Shortages, and Triage: Pandemics And Medical Decision Making

April 13, 2020 • 12:30 PM • See description

As updates pour in from the hardest hit areas in New York, Detroit, and across Europe the news is filled with stories of respirator shortages, inadequate PPE, and a coming peak that will stretch medical resources even further. In times like these doctors, nurses, and administrators are being forced to make tough decisions. When supplies run out, medical personnel must make difficult decisions to decide who will receive what treatment and how that treatment should be rationed. In the next installment of our Coronavirus Conversations we will be discussing these critical care decisions and how tough choices are being made everyday in hospitals everywhere. Join Duke Experts Dr. Monica Lemmon and Dr. Peter Ubel and Science & Society Deputy Director Buz Waitzkin for this conversation. Please RSVP for connection details (…). Sponsored by Duke Science & Society. For questions, concerns or media inquiries, please contact Timothy McDermott at