You're the Puppet! Why Any Religion Worth Following Is Compatible with Human Rights

October 26, 2020 • 12:30 PM • Virtual

Did you know that Jeff Sessions, the disgraced former Attorney General, told US Attorneys they needed to "take away the children" from innocent refugees? Are you aware that Helen Alvare, noted advocate of genitals-based human rights, is asking us to "think of the children" as a dog-whistle attack on same-sex parents during this very event? What a coincidence that such diverse bigotry co-exists within the same national conservative organization! Join us for a discussion of theocratic thinking and its impact on the LGBTQ+ community. Featuring a special guest - Literal Puppet Helen Alvare. Sponsored by Outlaw and Tricky Dick. Co-Sponsored by NLG. For more information, please contact Edward Gonzales at Zoom link: