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Blogs (named for "web logs") have grown increasingly popular in recent years. The legal community, in particular, has taken advantage of the blog format as a way to quickly disseminate legal news. Legal blogs (also known as "blawgs") can be located through the following links.


  • ABA Journal Blawg Directory: Topical directory of legal blogs, with results sortable by "most popular".
  • Legal Blawgs by Topic (Law Library of Congress): Provides bibliographic info as well as archives back to 2007 for more than 100 law-related blogs on a variety of topics.
  • Taxonomy of Legal Blogs: Topical organization of links to law-related blogs into numerous categories including: law firm blogs, law professor blogs, judge blogs, case blogs, statute blogs, trial blogs, news blogs and humor blogs.

Blog Search Engines

  • BlawgSearch: Indexes the content of more than 6,000 legal blogs ("blawgs").
  • Canadian Law Blogs Search: Includes more than 450 Canadian legal blogs.
  • Both Google and Technorati have shut down their specialized blog search features, but general search engines such as Google and Bing will locate blogs.

Blog Hosting

If you are interested in joining the "blawgosphere" (universe of legal bloggers), there are a number of host sites which offer easy, and often free, setup of blogs. Some of the most popular hosts are:

Library Resources

To locate titles about blogging in the Duke University Libraries collection, search the Duke University Libraries catalog. Titles of interest include:

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