Study Rooms

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Reservation Process

Seven private study rooms are available on Level 2 of the Goodson Law Library (view map), for reservation by current Duke Law students. Rooms are open 24x7, can be reserved up to 72 hours in advance in four-hour increments, and the person with a reservation has priority. Reservations may be cancelled if the room is vacant 15 minutes or more after the reservation start time. If you are a Current Duke Law student having trouble signing in to schedule a study room, please email

NOTE: Faculty and staff should email to inquire about room availability. We will do our best to accommodate requests, but rooms must be used for student activities.

Video Conferences and Interviews

Duke Law School is pleased to offer students the opportunity to conduct video conference meetings and interviews with employers (“Meetings” and “Counterparty”). Please follow this Quick Set Up Guide to get started.

There is one VOIP phone available on a first-come, first-served basis for phone interviews. Please check out the phone from the circulation desk and follow the instructions in the Quick Set Up Guide.

If you are a Law Student looking for an interview room and all of the study rooms are scheduled, please email While we cannot guarantee space availability, we may be able to help you find an alternative space. There are also additional spaces outside of the law school that you may be able to reserve.

Reservation System Feedback

We're always interested to hear your feedback about the online reservation software. Please fill out a comment form to let us know about your experience using the online reservation system.