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Anti-racism is the policy or practice of opposing racism and promoting racial tolerance. Allyship is the lifelong track of building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with underrepresented individuals and/or groups of people.

As part of Duke Law's overall diversity and inclusion initiatives, faculty, students, and staff are committed to providing a truly welcome space for everyone to learn, work, and grow. An essential part of this requires educating ourselves to be able to identify racism and how best to respond to it. Members of the Duke Law community are actively involved in supporting anti-racism through their teaching, research, scholarship, and commentary. 

Race and the 1L Curriculum

A yearlong series at Duke Law sponsored by the dean’s office is examining race in the context of the six foundational subjects in the first-year curriculum: torts, criminal law, civil procedure, contracts, property law, and constitutional law. Each discussion in the “Race and the 1L Curriculum” webinar series is moderated by a faculty scholar who teaches a first-year course in the area of law under consideration. The events feature scholars and others engaged in research and legal actions that address racial disparities in the way these bodies of law are taught or formulated, or how they play out in practice.

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Policing in America: How Did We Get Here, Where Do We Go?

On July 9, 2020, Dean Kerry Abrams hosted a conversation with Duke Law faculty members on the current state of policing throughout the United States, with an emphasis on how policies and biases impact communities of color. The panel consisted of Professors Brandon L. Garrett, Lisa Kern Griffin, H. Timothy Lovelace, Jr., Darrell A. H. Miller, and was moderated by Jesse McCoy, supervising attorney for the Duke Civil Justice Clinic.

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To report harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, or related retaliation, or if you have related questions or concerns, please contact Duke's Office for Institutional Equity.

☎ 919-684-8222


⚠ Report an Incident

Law School students who would like assistance navigating these options or who have concerns about any of these issues can also contact Lewis Hutchison, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

Harassment Prevention Advisors (HPAs) are Duke administrators trained to help students with harassment concerns or complaints, including those involving Title IX. The Law School HPAs are Elizabeth Gustafson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and William Hoye, Associate Dean, Admissions & Student Affairs. When responding to harassment concerns or complaints, HPAs are unable to guarantee confidentiality.

Anti-racism at Duke

We are committed today and throughout the future of Duke to addressing systemic racism on our campus and setting an example for our nation and the world.