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Student organizations wishing to create a website specific to their organization’s needs can access resources and support from Duke Law and Duke University to help you get started.

Creating a website

Student organization websites can be created for free using Duke’s Sites@Duke. This service enables any member of the Duke community with a NetID, including Duke students, to build a website or blog using the popular web-publishing platform, WordPress. Your website will be hosted for free and receive a unique Duke URL ( WordPress websites can be customized to meet the specific content and design needs of your student organization. Student organizations can access support via Duke University’s online resources for Sites@Duke as well as in-house through Duke Law’s Academic Technologies department.

Website resources

Duke Law logo

The Duke Law logo may be used on your website with adherence to the following guidelines:

  • The Duke Law logo should not be altered, but can be resized.
  • If the logo is resized, it must retain the same proportion as the original.
  • New elements, such as an organization name or acronym, should not be added to the logo.
  • The logo should not be rotated or rendered three-dimensionally.

Contact Duke Law’s Communications Department for questions about usage.

Download a zip file of Duke Law logos

Duke University logo

The Duke University logo may also be used on your website, however strict guidelines must be adhered to which address the various ways all of Duke’s trademarks may be used.

Student Organization logo

Some student organizations prefer to have their own unique logo. Funding for logo creation is provided by each organization and should be pre-approved by the Duke Bar Association (DBA) and Office of Student Affairs. Logos are subject to the review of Duke Law’s Communications Department and the Duke University Office of Trademark Licensing.


Photos included on the Duke Law website can also be used on your organization’s site. The Communications Department can provide larger, high-resolution versions of the images and, depending upon use, can provide additional photos for consideration. Duke also provides photos of the campus which are free to the Duke Community. Please ensure third-party images obtained online meet usage requirements for free use, have a Creative Commons license, or are purchased with a license that allows online use.

Marketing your student organization website

Once your website is complete, notify the Office of Student Affairs for inclusion on the Student Organizations web page.


Contact Duke Law’s Communications Department