Sports attorney David Feher '84 talks about "Fans and Professional Athletes"

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Thursday, March 3 2005
3:30pm, room 4047

As part of his talk, Mr. Feher will be showing a video of the entire incident (23 minutes), which gives a very different feel about the incident than that conveyed by the clips shown on ESPN.

David G. Feher, Duke Law '84, is a partner in the Dewey Ballantine's New York Litigation Department, and is one of the leading sports lawyers in the country. He is one of the principal negotiators of the collective bargaining agreements in the National Football League (1993, 1996, 1998 & 2002) and the National Basketball Association (1996 & 1999), and is an expert on the Salary Cap and team revenues in each of those sports.

Mr. Feher has been involved in numerous prominent sports cases, including the Freeman McNeil free agency trial, the Reggie White and Patrick Ewing class actions, the Montreal Expos/Jeffrey Loria litigation, the Arena Football League class action, the Oakland A's valuation arbitration, the Curtis Martin arbitration, the Bill Belichick/New York Jets litigation, and the Latrell Sprewell grievance. Mr. Feher also represented Joe Smith in an arbitration that overturned the NBA's efforts to prevent Mr. Smith from re-signing with the Minnesota Timberwolves.