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  • Lunchtime panel explores the significance of the first guilty plea by a Guantanamo detainee, March 28
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  • Professor Christopher Schroeder comments on the "showdown" between Democratic lawmakers and the president over whether senior White House aides will testify about the firing of eight U.S. attorneys
    » Congressional Quarterly
  • Professor Erwin Chemerinsky comments on the administration's argument that if the president has broad discretion to appoint U.S. attorneys, he also has the power to fire them for any reason » Slate
  • Professor Scott Silliman discusses who is liable for harm when service from private military contractors results in injury or death » WUNC
  • Professor James Cox comments on a move by the SEC that allows financial institutions to "manipulate" investor purchases in the auction-rate market »
  • Professor James Boyle asks, "in matters of intellectual property, who is the trespasser and who is the greedy landowner?" » Financial Times
  • Professor Catherine Fisk comments on the practice of imposing employment bans on whistle-blowers when settling termination suits » USA Today
  • Professors Walter Dellinger and Christopher Schroeder review congressional authority - beyond the power of the purse - to change the course of the Iraq war
    » The New York Times
  • Even taking into account different interpretations of the Second Amendment, Professor Erwin Chemerinsky says that an appeals court was wrong in striking down the District of Columbia's ban on handguns
    » Washington Post
  • Duke Law Professor Stuart Benjamin comments on the FCC's attempts to gain authority to regulate violence on broadcast and basic cable networks » more
  • Duke Law students get tips on dealing with difficult people in the workplace as part of the Career and Professional Development Center's "Fundamentals of Professionalism & Leadership" series » Herald Sun
  • Professor James Cox says that SEC seems to be making a historic shift away from investor interests
    » The New York Times
  • Professor Jerome Reichman calls for public funding and oversight of clinical trials, saying drug companies rarely compare how well new and cheaper products do against existing drugs » The News & Observer
  • Eleventh annual PILF Auction & Gala raises record amount for summer public interest fellowships
    » The Chronicle
  • Dr. Robert Hunt, senior economist with the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia explores "The Geography of Innovation in the U.S." on Mar. 7, as part of "The Information Ecology" lecture series » more
  • "Synthetic Biology: The Intellectual Property Puzzle" - Workshop, March 2-3 » more
  • Duke Law Drama Society presents "The Laramie Project," March 1-3 » more
  • Yale scholar Reva Siegel delivers annual Currie Lecture, March 1 » more
  • Following a ruling that denies Guantanamo detainees access to federal courts to challenge their detentions, Professor Erwin Chemerinsky calls for the Supreme Court to hear their appeal on an expedited basis » Boston Globe
  • Faith, Politics and the Law:  Former head of White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives speaks at Law School Feb. 27 » more
  • Professors Joost Pauwelyn and Barak Richman comment on international process intended to keep conflict diamonds out of mainstream markets
    » Los Angeles Times
  • Ten years after its passage, Professor Doriane Coleman reflects on the educational significance of a federal law prohibiting female circumcision » Boston Globe
  • The Program in Public Law presents "The Battle of New London:  Understanding the Kelo Case," Feb. 26 » more
  • The Intellectual Property & Cyberlaw Society hosts 6th Annual 'Hot Topics' Symposium February 23 » more
  • PILF Auction & Gala set for February 24 » more
  • Professor Joel Fleishman urges new era of accountability in philanthropy » more
  • Intellectual Property & Cyberlaw Society hosts 6th annual "Hot Topics" Symposium, Feb. 23 » more
  • Professor Scott Silliman takes part in roundtable discussion on free speech and the military » WUNC
  • Judge Gerald Tjoflat'57 lectures, receives Federalist Society honors, Feb. 22 » more
  • Duke Law Journal’s 37th annual Administrative Law Conference: Regulating Food » more
  • Fifth Annual Duke Law ESQ Career Symposium highlights career opportunities » more
  • Court TV anchor and former prosecutor Jack Ford criticizes the "certainty" with which media outlets reported events in coverage of Duke lacrosse case
    » Herald Sun
  • Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz to deliver annual Frey Lecture in Intellectual Property, Feb. 16 » more
  • DBA Leadership Committee presents inaugural symposium on leadership, Jan. 19 » more
  • The Center for International and Comparative Law presents a lunchtime talk on "Happiness and the Law" by world-renowned economist Bruno Frey, Feb. 14
    » more
  • Duke Law Professor James Boyle reacts to Steve Jobs' call for media companies to curb digital rights protections for music downloads » NPR
  • Professor Robinson O. Everett questions whether Durham DA Mike Nifong was obligated by the North Carolina evidence rules to fully disclose DNA test results to defense lawyers in the Duke lacrosse case
    » Herald Sun
  • The Program in Public Law presents Feb. 12 panel discussion on the legal issues surrounding the Military Commissions Act of 2006 » more
  • Professor Walter Dellinger tells the Senate Judiciary Committee that Congress can "validly limit the presidential use of force" » The New York Times
  • Panel examines role of prosecutor and press in high-profile cases » more
  • Professor Erwin Chemerinsky challenges U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' assertion that the Constitution does not guarantee habeas corpus
    » San Francisco Chronicle
  • Court TV anchor Jack Ford discusses media coverage of Duke lacrosse case » more
  • Duke Law professors take part in Feb. 7 NCBA program on separation of powers » more
  • The Duke Law Leadership Experience:  Symposium highlights elements of leadership and professionalism
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  • Professor Clark Havighurst reflects on antitrust cases pending before the Supreme Court » National Law Journal
  • Professor Walter Dellinger to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee on "Exercising Congress's Constitutional Power to End a War" » more
  • Professors Thomas Metzloff, James Coleman, and Visiting Professor Michael Tigar discuss state bar ethics charges against DA Mike Nifong, and the role of the press in trying high profile cases » The News & Observer
  • Law & Contemporary Problems presents 2007 Symposium: "Odious Debts and State Corruption," Jan. 26 » more
  • Duke constitutional scholars say Congress has power to limit Iraq troop increase more
  • The Career and Professional Development Center at Duke Law School will host February workshop on dealing with conflict and difficult people » The New York Times
  • Adam Doverspike '09 and Justin Outling '08 are among 24 North Carolina students selected for spring internships with state agencies » more
  • Program in Public Law hosts Jan. 25 discussion on "Trying Cases in the Media: The Role of Prosecutor and Press" » more
  • Professor Erwin Chemerinsky calls for openness in Los Angeles police disciplinary proceedings
    » Los Angeles Times
  • Professors Barak Richman and Joost Pauwelyn critique the Kimberley Process, an international initiative aimed at keeping "blood diamonds" out of mainstream distribution » The News & Observer
  • Constitutional Scholar Sanford Levinson calls for a national conversation on "Our Undemocratic Constitution"» more
  • Professor Joel Fleishman discusses his new book, "The Foundation: A Great American Secret" » more
  • Duke University celebrates legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., January 12-16 » Commemoration
  • Provost names Federal Judge David Levi as the next Dean of Duke Law School » more
  • Professor Donald Horowitz elected to head American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy » more
  • Reflecting on Enron, Professor Steven Schwarcz says that in an age of increasing financial complexity, "the disclosure paradigm [alone] has become an anachronism" » The New Yorker
  • Professor Neil Vidmar takes part in on-air roundtable discussion about jury behavior » The State of Things
  • The Program in Public Law launches spring semester Jan. 10 with a lunch-time talk by constitutional scholar Sanford Levinson » more