Student Profiles

  • John Fallone LLMLE '17
    Fallone LLMLE '17 creates new firm specializing in startups

    After selling his startup, Fallone now focuses on transactional law for startups and small businesses in North Carolina and California.

  • Gabs Lucero '17
    Lucero JD/MPP ’17 receives NALP Pro Bono Publico Award

    Gabrielle “Gabs” Lucero ’17 has won the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) Pro Bono Publico Award for her extensive pro bono work and service.

  • Rosie McKinley JD/LLMLE '17
    Rosie McKinley JD/LLMLE '17

    McKinley shares her experience being in the dual degree program for Law & Entrepreneurship.

  • Students in Duke Law's LLM in Law & Entrepreneurship class of 2016
    First graduates with dual degree in Law & Entrepreneurship find an edge in job market

    As of March 15, 93 percent of students in Duke Law’s Class of 2015 were employed in long-term, full-time positions that required passage of the bar exam or were “JD preferred.”

  • Elizabeth Tobierre '19
    Duke Law welcomes the JD Class of 2019

    222 students representing 119 undergraduate institutions comprise the JD Class of 2019.

  • Anna Johns ’16
    Anna Johns ’16

    With her JD in hand and nearing the finish line on her PhD in history, Johns '16 finds it hard to believe that she once planned to study medicine.

  • Miata Eggerly ’18
    Eggerly ’18 helps foster kids avoid identity theft

    Miata Eggerly ’18, with assistance from Duke Law faculty and administators, works to impove law and policy for preventative measures guarding against identify theft.

  • Josh Carroll ’16
    Social entrepreneurship and service: A conversation with Carroll ’16

    Carroll, a second-year law student and a Major in the United States Air Force Reserves, is co-founder and Chairman of Flying Scarfs Inc., a non-profit, social business that sells handcrafted fashion from female artisans in Afghanistan, Kenya and Haiti.

  • Dyna Zekaoui, JD/LLMLE ’16
    Dyna Zekaoui, JD/LLMLE ’16

    Dyna Zekaoui, JD/LLMLE ’16, is a member of the first joint degree cohort.

  • Mike McCollum, LLMLE ’15
    Mike McCollum, LLMLE ’15

    Mike McCollum, LLMLE ’15, discusses how the program is much more than just a fourth year of law school.

  • Trevor Kiviat, JD/LLMLE ’16
    Trevor Kiviat, JD/LLMLE ’16

    Trevor Kiviat, JD/LLMLE ’16, is able to feed his interest in entrepreneurship while completing three years of law school.

  • Scott O’Brien '16
    O'Brien '16 honored by Grammy Foundation

    Scott O’Brien ’16 was honored on Feb. 12 by the Grammy Foundation as a finalist in the Entertainment Law Initiative’s annual writing competition.

  • Marcus Benning ’17
    Marcus Benning ’17

    As a Duke undergraduate, Benning, who served both as
  president of the Black Student Alliance and senate president pro-tempore for the Student Government, was instrumental in establishing a new student social housing group focused on black culture. Now, as president of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) and as a LEAD fellow, he is helping lead the diversity and inclusion effort at Duke Law.

  • Ben Shellhorn JD/MBA ’15
    Ben Shellhorn JD/MBA ’15

    Shellhorn, a longtime volunteer organizer for the New York Pride Parade, arrived on campus in the summer of 2012, shortly after gay-rights supporters failed to stop a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in North Carolina. More than one friend suggested he was “crazy” to be going south for law school, he says. But it did not take long for him to feel welcome in Durham.

  • Khaled Fayyad '18
    Duke Law welcomes the JD Class of 2018

    From a pool of nearly 5,000 applicants, 227 students enter Duke Law as members of the Class of 2018.

  • Karlee Blank '15
    Doedens, Blank, and Hogue '15 present Capstone Projects

    Often interdisciplinary in nature, capstone projects are selected and designed by students based on their academic and professional interests. Students are required to present their projects, which can take the form of a scholarly article, model bill, or other work product, to the Capstone Year Committee.

  • Adam Berkland '15
    Berkland '15 describes preparing for a career in law and entrepreneurship

    The self-proclaimed political junkie is crafting a legal path to advising tech start-ups.

  • Jyoti Jindal '16
    Jindal '16 discusses Wrongful Convictions Clinic work

    "I wasn’t just going to be a bystander. I wasn’t just watching the injustices happen, I was going to help change them.”

  • Kovich JD/LLM ’15
    Kovich JD/LLM ’15 reflects on her Duke Law experience

    "I wasn’t sure where I wanted to end up practicing, though I knew that I wanted to work in transactional law. Because of that uncertainty, going to a school like Duke, which has excellent nationwide and global job placement, was a better bet for me."

  • Judea Davis JD/MA ’15
    Davis JD/MA ’15 receives two-year Equal Justice Initiative Legal Fellowship

    “I’m looking forward to helping facilitate access to justice in poor, communities of color and using legal strategies to improve conditions in these communities,” said Davis, who is pursuing a graduate degree in history along with her JD.

  • Nicole Simpson LLMLE '15
    Learning to navigate the world of entrepreneurship: Students hope LLMLE program helps launch their careers

    Law and Entrepreneurship students reflect on their first semester in the program.

  • Students from the class of 2017
    Duke Law welcomes the JD class of 2017

    The class of 2017 includes 222 students in the 1L class, selected from a pool of 5,358 applicants and representing 114 undergraduate institutions. They are starting their JD studies alongside 100 internationally trained lawyers from 42 countries pursuing the LLM degree and 17 graduate attorneys pursuing an LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship.

  • Morgan Abbott '16
    Morgan Abbott '16

    A visit to an orphanage during a high school trip to Kenya in 2007 opened up a world of possibility for Abbott, and even shaped the direction of her future law study.

  • Ruben Henriquez '14
    Ruben Henriquez '14

    Henriquez spoke on behalf of the Class of 2014 JD graduates and thanked the close and collegial student culture he found at Duke Law. "That will be what I'm most fortunate to take away from Duke Law, the fact that we got the chance to experience the last three years of life, in all its ups and downs, with each other. At Duke Law our classmates are our friends, not just our colleagues. The community here is like none other."

  • Andrew Walton LLMLE '14
    Andrew Walton LLMLE '14

    Speaking on behalf of the Class of 2014 LLMLE graduates, Walton listed ways in which their year at Duke added value to their degrees beyond the skills learned in class and through practicum placements.

  • Bastian Pasten Delich LLM '14
    Pasten LLM ’14 headed to World Bank’s Legal Associate Program for environmental and international law

    LLM candidate Bastian Pasten Delich has been accepted into the World Bank’s prestigious Legal Associate Program (LAP).

  • Nick Brod '14
    Scribes names 3L Brod’s DLJ note on First Amendment’s Assembly Clause best journal article of year

    A strong interest in First Amendment law and the emergence of the “Occupy” movement during his first year of Law School got Nick Brod ’14 thinking about the right to assemble.  But a deep dive into constitutional doctrine pertaining to the First Amendment’s Assembly Clause left him convinced that it missed the mark – and that he had found a rich and under-explored area for legal scholarship.

  • Menaka Nayar JD/LLM ‘14
    Menaka Nayar JD/LLM ‘14

    Menaka Nayar spent her 3L fall semester in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, working for a United Nations investigating judges assisting the tribunal trying members of the Khmer Rouge for genocide and other violations of international criminal law.

  • Mary Pat Dwyer '14
    Mary Pat Dwyer ’14: Scotusblogger

    An interest sparked in 1L Con Law leads to a sideline tracking cert petitions for Scotusblog.

  • Ben Winokur LLMLE ’14
    Ben Winokur LLMLE ’14

    Meet Ben Winokur: After trying his hand as an entrepreneur both in college and after law school, Winokur decided to sharpen his skills at Duke.

  • Conor Reardon '14
    Conor Reardon '14

    Composure, resilience, and a fearless work ethic were the skills honed by Reardon to overcome a debilitating injury and become an All-American standout baseball player, skills that suit him well at law school.

  • Tatiana Sainati ’13
    Tatiana Sainati ’13

    Sainati once planned a career as an English professor. She is still aiming to enter academia, but now has her sights set on the legal academy, with a focus on human rights. The shift came somewhat gradually, she explains.

  • Ellie Marranzini
    5 Questions for Ellie Marranzini '13

    Marranzini chose Duke Law because she could tell that the faculty and administration supported student initiatives and endeavors - particularly in public interest law.

  • Chris Bryant '14
    Chris Bryant '14

    An accomplished musician, Bryant's love for music indirectly led him first to teaching and then to law. 

  • Sophia Carter '15
    5 Questions for Sophia Carter '15

    Carter chose Duke Law for its small size, strong alumni network and the breadth of international law offerings.

  • Kailun Li '13
    5 Questions for Kailun Li LLM '13

    Li chose Duke Law for the environmental law program, to study with people from around the world, and to fulfill his dream of protecting the rights and traditions of minorities.

  • Mariana Estevez
    5 Questions for Mariana Estevez JD/LLM '15

    Estevez knew she wanted to practice law internationally, and Duke Law's JD/LLM program was a great step in that direction.

  • Planning for the future: Katharina Riedl LLM '13

    Riedl talks about what brought her to Durham from Austria, and how the Duke Law LLM experience has enhanced her career options.

  • Alberto Gutierrez Pier LLM '13
    Life outside the classroom: Alberto Gutierrez Pier LLM '13

    Pier, originally from Mexico, discusses social life and extracurricular options in Durham and at Duke.

  • Mukami Wangai LLM '13
    Pursuing academic excellence: Mukami Wangai LLM '13

    Wangai, originally from Kenya, talks about what drew her to Durham from the United Kingdom, and her academic experience as an LLM student.

  • Soeren Skjerbek LLM '13
    A family-friendly experience: Soeren Skjerbek LLM '13

    Skjerbek talks about bringing his family from Denmark to Duke Law.

  • Autumn Hamit '14
    5 Questions for Autumn Hamit '14

    Autumn Hamit '14 chose Duke Law for the challenging courses and the intelligent and driven student body.

  • David Roche '13
    David Roche '13

    In a photograph taken during the 2012 USA Trail Racing Championship last August, David Roche’s head is down, he is running up a steep, twisted path, and his chest is covered in mud. “I fall a lot,” Roche laughs. “It’s what I’m known for.” He gets up a lot too. He won that race in August and is putting his toughness — and his love for the outdoors — to good use as an advocate for the environment.

  • Moza Al-Naemi
    5 Questions for Moza Al-Naemi LLM '13

    Al-Naemi was a member of the first team from the University of Qatar to compete in the Willem C. Vis Moot Court Competition in 2011.

  • Phil Aubart '13
    Phil Aubart ’13

    An army-intelligence-trained, Arabic-speaking, travel-loving 3L, Aubart brings a genuine passion for even-keeled discussion to his leadership of the Federalist Society at Duke Law. 

  • Eb Bernazard
    Eb Bernazard LLMLE ‘13

    Bernazard talks about what brought him to Duke's LLMLE program.

  • Vinny Asaro LLMLE'12
    Vinny Asaro LLMLE'12

    Vinny discusses how his LLMLE and practicum experiences led him to a position in a venture capital firm.

  • Elizabeth Youngkin LLMLE'12
    Elizabeth Youngkin, LLMLE’12

    With a B.S. in Neuroscience, Elizabeth came to Duke Law to obtain an LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship so she could work for a start-up company.

  • Zachary Kleiman '13
    5 Questions for Zachary Kleiman '13

    Zachary chose Duke Law for opportunities featured at the intersection of sports and the law. You could say he’s just a little passionate about the subject.

  • Larissa Boz '14
    5 Questions for Larissa Boz '14

    After many years in New York, Larissa headed south in search of better weather and better basketball. She currently serves as a Duke Bar Association 2L representative and a case investigation team member of the Innocence Project.

  • Noor Alfawzan LLM ’12
    Noor Alfawzan LLM ’12

    Leading the way for Saudi Arabian women in law.

  • Gilbertson '12 is awarded two-year Appleseed fellowship

    Theresa Gilbertson ’12 has been awarded a two-year postgraduate fellowship with New Mexico Appleseed. The Albuquerque-based organization advocates for policy changes concerning hunger and education to benefit poor and underserved communities.

  • Sarah Boyce '12
    Sarah Boyce '12

    After a two-year stint in Teach for America, Boyce decided that her contributions would be most effective in the arena of law and policy advocacy.

  • James Gillenwater '12
    James Gillenwater '12

    Ex rugby pro makes the sport—and sports-injury research—part of his Duke Law experience.

  • Glaucia Petcov LLM '12
    Glaucia Petcov LLM '12

    Corporate attorney turns her sights to international business.

  • Einat Levy '12
    Einat Levy LLM '12

    Former soldier and dancer makes the move to corporate law.

  • Joanna Darcus ’12
    Joanna Darcus '12

    Independence Foundation Fellowship will further work on economic justice issues.

  • Caitlin Swain ’12
    Caitlin Swain '12

    Skadden Fellowship will support Swain’s work on issues of educational equity for at-risk youth in North Carolina.

  • Solomon Njeru '12
    Solomon Njeru LLM '12

    Njeru says he will use his Duke Law education to continue improving human rights under Kenya’s new Constitution.

  • Brandon Bartee LLMLE'11
    Brandon Bartee LLMLE'11

    Brandon discusses his experiences in the LLMLE program and his spring semester practicum with SciQuest, a startup web company in North Carolina's Research Triangle.

  • Haley Warden '13
    Haley Warden '13

    Warden focuses on civil rights, marriage equality.

  • Christina Mullen '14
    Christina Mullen '14

    Summer Starter chose Duke Law for its JD/LLM program and renowned international faculty.

  • Isabelle Mercier-Dalphond LLM '12
    Isabelle Mercier-Dalphond LLM '12

    The perfect combination between sports and law

  • Jonathan Strauss, LLMLE '12
    Jonathan Strauss, LLMLE '12

    Jonathan talks about his reasons for pursuing the Duke Law LLMLE

  • Colin Kirby LLMLE'11
    Colin Kirby LLMLE'11

    A 2010 graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School and New York City native, Colin holds a BA in political science from the University of California (Santa Barbara).

  • Jessalee Landfried JD/MEM ’13
    Jessalee Landfried JD/MEM ’13

    Durham native already lauded for community-based environmental work.

  • Katie Ertmer ’13
    Katie Ertmer ’13

    City planner brings expertise in sustainability to law studies.

  • Daniel Leslie '11
    Daniel Leslie '11

    More than a Guy in a Wheelchair

  • Lesley Hamming '13
    Lesley Hamming '13

    Lesley Hamming’s nonprofit camp immerses young scientists in innovation, entrepreneurship.

  • Tom Crosby '11
    Tom Crosby '11

    Photos of Abu Ghraib inspired study of law and pursuit of becoming a military lawyer.

  • Nadia Prinz ’11
    Nadia Prinz ’11

    From teacher to aspiring prosecutor.

  • Andrea Hamilton '11
    Andrea Hamilton '11

    Student combines faith and legal service through work with new community organization.

  • Negar Amir-Haeri LLM '11
    Negar Amir-Haeri LLM ’11

    Having studied piano since childhood, Amir-Haeri was torn between continuing her musical career or pursuing a different discipline professionally. She chose to do both.

  • Rocio Perez '11
    Rocio Perez '11

    Involvement with Law School organizations reinforces Perez's belief in the value of community as well as advocacy.

  • Ilyse Fishman LLMLE '10
    Ilyse Fishman LLMLE '10

    A 2010 graduate of the Duke University School of Law from Boca Raton, FL. Ilyse holds a BA in political science, a BA in History and a MA in history all from Emory University.

  • Pate Skene '13
    Pate Skene '13

    1L and Duke University neuroscientist speculates he’s had “the longest unrequited love affair with the law” of any law student.

  • Bettina Roberts JD/LLM '10
    Bettina Roberts JD/LLM '10

    Roberts, a JD/LLM student, tells how her summer internship with the Geneva-based nonprofit International Bridges to Justice led her to India.

  • Laura Pisoni JD/MEM '11
    Laura Pisoni JD/MEM ’11

    Matching science to law in environmental law clinic.

  • Katherine Tsai ’10
    Katherine Tsai ’10

    Recent graduate finds satisfaction in advising educational nonprofit startups through Community Enterprise Clinic.

  • Slavik Gabinsky '10
    Slavik Gabinsky '10

    Outgoing president of the Duke Law Drama Society heads to Allen & Overy in London to practice transactional law.

  • Jonathan Knight '11
    Jonathan Knight '11

    Knight talks about the work he has done in Ghana to help improve the country's legal system and the people's daily lives.

  •  de Vos Devine
    Katherine de Vos Devine JD/MA '10

    A dual-degree candidate for a master in art history, de Vos Devine talks about curating an exhibit of political caricature at Duke's Nasher Museum.