Exchange Programs

Duke Law offers a wide range of possibilities for international exchange programs. You can choose from one of the many exchange programs at the universities listed in the table below.

Exchange Programs

* Courses taught in English
# Selected courses available in English

Postcards from abroad: Duke Law exchange students write from around the globe

Students in Duke Law Exchange program

"Studying abroad has been an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone!  We have taken interesting classes with an international focus, met great people, and been able to travel pretty extensively.  Overall, an amazing experience and a great way to spend a semester."

 Ashley Eisenberg '14 
ESADE Law School, Barcelona, Spain


Studying Abroad in Hong Kong

Janan Crocker in front of Buddha in Hong Kong

"My semester at the University of Hong Kong helped me to grow in the academic, personal, and professional aspects of my life. I had the opportunity to really get the lay of the land in Asian markets, network with U.S. securities and corporate lawyers living in Hong Kong, delve deeply into fascinating research topics such as the legality of the CCP's subsidization of China's clean energy industry, and travel and explore the region. The world seems a lot smaller after a semester in Hong Kong, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have spent four months learning and absorbing the culture and market attributes of Hong Kong and the PRC."

— Janan Crocker '12