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Duke Law School recognizes that the opportunity to engage in the study of law overseas is an invaluable experience. Students with appropriately high academic qualifications and cross-cultural adaptability can take advantage of a one-semester study abroad opportunity to develop an understanding of a foreign legal system.

Students have the additional benefits of living and studying with students from another culture, in some cases refining their foreign-language skills, and of gaining the necessary tools for foreign law research. Students who experience law study overseas begin to equip themselves with the skills necessary for the challenges of law practice in a global world.

Study abroad at Duke Law is a student exchange program. Students must attend one of the host institutions listed below which is pre-approved by the International Studies Committee and with which Duke Law has entered into an exchange agreement. Under the exchange agreements, Duke may send up to two students per year to a partner school, and may receive up to two students per year from the partner school. Occasionally, if there is an imbalance in the exchange, the schools may agree to send or receive additional students in a given year.

Duke Law does not permit “ad hoc” study abroad at institutions with which the school does not have an exchange agreement.

Students studying abroad will pay the normal tuition and most fees to Duke Law School. Two fees specific to students who are in residence at Duke for the semester, the health fee and the recreation fee, may be waived or reversed. However, you may be charged the equivalent fee by the partner school.

Partner Schools

Each partner school has its own distinctive characteristics and associated advantages. The majority of these programs offer courses in the English language, but many offer instruction in the local language. Some programs have a curriculum focused on the law of a specific country or region, while others concentrate in a particular academic specialization within the law. Others may include programmatic elements such as certificates of study.

When visiting partner school websites, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser for the translation feature.


Application Window

The deadline for Duke Law students to apply for Fall 2019 study abroad was March 4, 2019. The application window for Fall 2020 study abroad will open in February 2020.

Postcards from Abroad

"Studying abroad has been an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone! We have taken interesting classes with an international focus, met great people, and been able to travel pretty extensively. Overall, an amazing experience and a great way to spend a semester."

— Ashley Eisenberg, '14 
ESADE Law School, Barcelona, Spain