The Duke Law LLM Experience

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At Duke, you’ll find a community of people who are as enthusiastic about life as they are about their studies. Our students balance hard work with fun, intellectual engagement with purposeful living.

Duke Law LLM Experience

Duke LLM students describe their experiences in Duke Law courses, on campus, and in Durham and North Carolina.

Maliha Abu-Nowar LLM ’22

Maliha Abu-Nowar LLM ’22 talks about how the LLM program has furthered her goals of learning about the U.S. system of law, while supporting her interests in gender, feminism, and international human rights law.

Olubamise Onabanjo LLM '21

Olubamise Onabanjo LLM '21 talks about how the LLM program has furthered her goals of learning about the U.S. system of law. 

Tobias Wetlitzky LLM '20

Tobias Wetlitzky LLM '20 discusses Duke’s cutting-edge courses and extracurricular experiences.

Kat Brown LLM ’19

Kat Brown LLM ’19 speaks about human rights and social justice opportunities at Duke Law.

Alice Dias LLM '19

Alice Dias LLM '19 talks about what makes Duke’s community special.

Radoslaw Nguyen LLM '18

Radoslaw Nguyen LLM '18 speaks about benefits of the Duke Law community.

Mohamed Al Balushi LLM '17

Mohamed Al Balushi LLM '17 shares what he enjoys about Duke Law and the Durham community.

Alexander Sorton LLM '17

Alexander Sorton LLM '17 discusses the strength of classroom experiences and the Durham community.

Hannah Alexander LLM '15

Hannah Alexander LLM '15 speaks about how Due Law fits into her career goals.

Veronica Orantes LLM ’16

Veronica Orantes LLM ’16 says there is so much more to Duke...

Peter Filholm LLM '16

Peter Filholm LLM '16 explains why Duke was the right choice and why he prefers a smaller program.

Isabella Berrera LLM ’12, Ryham Ragab LLM ’12, Quentin Grellier LLM ’12

Three LLMs speak of making lifelong friendships and studying with JDs.

Chenghong Wang LLM '13 and Li Zhao LLM '13

Chenghong Wang LLM '13 and Li Zhao LLM '13 on living in Durham as a family with young children.

Alberto Gutierrez Pier LLM '13

Alberto Gutierrez Pier LLM '13 talks about why Durham is the ideal setting for a university.

Katharina Riedl LLM '13

Katharina Riedl LLM '13 speaks about the strong career planning support at Duke Law.

Soeren Skjerbek LLM '13

Soeren Skjerbek LLM '13 speaks about Durham as a friendly community.

Mukami Wangai LLM '13

Mukami Wangai LLM '13 speaks about the advantages of adding a U.S. LLM to a U.K. LLB.

Learn and network
NC Bar Association reception
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Members of the 2016 LLM class enjoyed a reception at the North Carolina Bar Association's Bar Center in the Research Triangle Park. Hosted by the International Law and Practice Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, LLM students met partners in law firms and general counsel from publicly-held companies who practice in several areas of international law. They discussed international arbitration, import/export, energy, and immigration law, among other topics, in an informal setting. They also experienced the friendliness of North Carolinians, including receiving invitations to dinners at the lawyers' homes.