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Country Name/Email Class Title, Institution Areas of specialty
Australia Donald Feaver LLM 90 Associate Professor, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in the Graduate School of Business & Technology Transactional Law & International Law
Australia Steve Kourabas LLM 13; SJD 17

Lecturer, Monash University

Australia Cheng-Yun Tsang SJD 15 Asst. Professor, National Chengchi University Finance Law
Brazil Daniel Ribeiro LLM 09
SJD 18
FGV-EAESP/Supervisor at the Environmental Law Clinic Environmental Law
Canada  Ryan Clements  LLM 18
SJD 20
Assistant Professor, Chair University of Calgary Faculty of Law  Financial Market Regulation
Canada Tom Telfer LLM 92 Professor, University of Western Ontario Bankruptcy Law
Canada Bryce Tingle LLM 94 N. Murray Edwards Chair in Business Law, University of Calgary Business Law


Chaoyi Jiang SJD 19 Postdoctoral teaching fellow Public International Law
China Xin Dai LLM 09 Associate Professor, Peking University Law School Legal Theory
China Ru Ding LLM 11 Associate Professor, China University of Political Science and Law  International Economic  Law, WTO Law
China Jie Huang SJD 10 Associate Professor, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade Legal Theories, Law and Society, Law and Economics, American Law and Politics
China  Tao Huang  SJD 21 Asst. Professor, City University of Hong Kong Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, and Cyber Law
China Haochen Sun SJD 14 Asst. Professor, Law Faculty of Hong Kong University IP Law
Denmark Nis Clausen LLM 85 Professor of law & Dean of Social Sciences, University of Southern Denmark Securities Law
Egypt Sara Elshaarawy LLM 14

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Cairo University 

Commercial Law 
England Lodewijc van Setten LLM 93 Professor, King’s College London Finance Law
Germany Christoph Ann LLM 88 Professor, Munich Technical University Intellectual Property Law
Germany Alexander Bruns LLM 98 Professor, Gottingen University Civil, Commercial, & Insurance law
Germany Diana Chiampi Ohly LLM 98 Professor, Darmstadt Software & Anglo-American law
Germany Carsten Herresthal LLM 99 Professor, University of Regensburg Private Law, Corporate Law, Law of the European Union
Germany Markus Kotzur LLM 94 Professor, Leipzig University  
Greece Ioannis Tassopoulos LLM 87; SJD 89 Professor, University of Athens Constitutional Law
Hong Kong Ge Zheng LLM 01 Asst. Professor, Hong Kong University Constitutional Law
Iceland David Bjorgvinsson  LLM 87 Professor, University of Iceland

European Law, Human Rights and International Courts

Iceland Eyvindur Gunnarsson LLM 98 Professor, University of Iceland Financial Law
Iceland Diljá Helgadóttir LLM 20 Adjunct Professor, University of Bifrost European Business Law, Antitrust & Data Protection
Iceland Elín Jónsdóttir LLM 96 Dean, Department of Law, University of Bifröst Private Equity, Banking, Insurance and Pension Funds
Iceland Gudmundur Sigurdsson LLM 07 Professor, Reyljavik University Financing Agreements
India Feroz Ali Khader SJD 14 Intellectual Property Rights Chair Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Madras Patent Law, Intellectual Property Law
India Prerna Dhoop LLM 14 Asst. Professor, Nalsar University of Law Human Rights Law
India Upasana Garnaik LLM 12 Asst. Professor, Jindal Global Law School Family Law
Indonesia Ardianto Budi Rahmawan LLM ‘18 Professor at Universitas Gadjah Mada Administrative Law
Israel  Elad Gil  LLM 15 Cheshin Fellow, Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Foreign Relations Law Aspects of Cyber-Warfare
Israel Guy Rotkoff LLM 98 Asst. Professor, College of Management Evidence & Criminal Procedure
Italy Giancarlo Frosio LLM 06; SJD 12 Associate Professor / University of Strasbourg Intellect Property, Copyright, Technology/Science
Japan Kichimoto Asaka LLM 87 Professor, The University of Tokyo Civil procedure
Japan Colin Jones JD/LLM 93 Asst. Professor, Doshisha University Public International Law & Public Law
Japan Mayumi Kurabe LLM 06 Lecturer, Doshisha University  
Japan Masashi Nakanishi LLM 93 Professor, Kobe University Bankruptcy
Japan Eriko Taoka LLM 06 Associate Professor, Kokushikan University Faculty of Law, Tokyo Japanese Civil Law
Japan Masaya Tsuda LLM 08 Assistant Professor, Tohoku Law School Criminal Law
Japan Hitomi Yoshida LLM 95 Asst. Professor, Kanto-Gakuin University Japanese Constitutional Law
Kazakhstan Avaskhan Asanaliyev LLM 08 Adjunct Lecturer, KIMEP University International Banking
Kenya Mukami Wangai LLM 13 Assistant Lecturer, Strathmore Law and Policy Institute (SLPI) Constitutional Law
Korea Suk Ho Bang LLM 85; JD 87 Professor, Hongik University IP law
Korea Kyoungjin Choi LLM 06 Professor, Kyungwon University Civil Law, IP Law, IT Law
Korea Kyung Hoon Chun LLM 05 Asst. Professor, Seoul National University School of Law Corporate Law and Commercial Law
Korea Jong Bum Kim JD 04 Professor, Yonsei University International Trade and Development
Korea Yon Mi Kim LLM 05 Professor, Hongik University Commercial Law and Corporate Law
Korea  Dong Won Ko SJD 96 Professor at the Sungkyunkwan University Law School Financial Law and Corporate Law
Kuwait Ahmad Al-Samdan SJD 81 Associate Professor, Kuwait University Corporate Law
Lebanon Omar Houri LLM 96 Professor, Beirut Arab University  
Mexico Ricardo Heredia LLM 15 Professor, Universidad Anáhuac México Legal English, Business Law, and International Financial and Banking Regulation
Mexico  Michel Levien González  LLM 2015 Professor, Tec de Monterrey (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey) Campus Puebla  Anti-Corruption Law, Compliance, Corporate Crime, Business Associations
Mexico Alejandro Posadas LLM 95; SJD 03 Dean of Law Faculty,CIDE (on leave from 2008-2010 at Mexico Consulate in DC) International Investment
Mexico Jose Angel Rodriquez LLM 06 Faculty of Jurisprudence of the Autonomous University of Coahuila Comparative Law
Netherlands Maciej Borowicz  LLM 10 Assistant Professor, Tilburg University  Law and Economics 
New Zealand Struan Scott SJD 01 Professor, Otago University Business Law
Peru Maria Soledad Gastaneta LLM 12 Assistant Professor, Universidad Catolica Banking Law
Philippines Vincent Bolivar LLM 2009 Faculty Professor, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines Criminal Law
Qatar Gordon Walker SJD 99 Professor of Law, Hamad Bin Khalifa University Securities Law
Saudi Arabia Sattam Alnomay LLM 06 Professor, King Saud University  
Serbia Marija Karanikić Mirić LLM 02

Associate Professor, University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, Civil Law Department

Civil Liability Law
South Africa Andrew Rens SJD 17 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, American University Internet Governance 
Singapore Dian Shah LLM 09; SJD 14 Asst. Professor, National University of Singapore  

Nicolas Diebold

LLM 04 Professor of Public Economic Law, University of Lucerne Economic Law
Taiwan Andy Chen LLM 96 Asst. Professor, Dept. of Public Administration,Tamkang University  
Taiwan Wen-Yu Chia SJD 15 Asst. Professor, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Health and Biotechnology Law
Taiwan Mong-Hwa Chin LLM 11; SJD 14 Professor, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Criminal Law
Taiwan Charlotte Hu

LLM 2002; JD 05

Asst. Professor, Shih Hsin University Business Association and Securities regulations
Taiwan Carol Lin LLM 01; SJD 05 Asst. Professor, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure
Taiwan Andrew Lin LLM 92; SJD 97 Professor, National Taiwan University Securities Law
Taiwan Pei Kan Yang LLM 01
JD 06
Asst. Professor, Feng Chia University International Trade Law, Administrative Law
Taiwan Tim Yang SJD 99 Professor, & Law Dept. Chair, Kainan University Banking Law
Thailand Phir Paungmalit LLM 06 Lecturer, Suan Dusit Rajabhat University  
United States 

Assaf Harpaz

SJD 22 Visiting Assistant ProfessorDrexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law Tax Law
United States Ana Santos Rutschman LLM 08; SJD 16 Professor, Villanova University School of Law  Vaccine Law and Policy, Health Law, Contracts
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