Extended LLM

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The Duke Law LLM program offers the option of extending the period of study for one or two additional semesters. This “extended LLM” option is particularly attractive to students who want to take maximum advantage of the wide variety of Duke Law School courses, as well as take courses in other Duke graduate and professional schools. It allows students to take multiple advanced level and interdisciplinary courses, while also completing the basic courses required by the New York Bar or other state Bars. Students may enroll in the extended LLM during the initial application process, or inform the International Studies Office that they wish to extend their program during their academic year. The latest that the request to extend the LLM can be submitted is 30 days prior to graduation.

Luis Lopez Naranjo testimonial-- The LLM program flexibility is one of the best advantages of choosing Duke. Designing your curriculum with the courses you want or need offers the perfect degree for international students with previous experience in a particular field. But with so many great courses and professors, sometimes two semesters are not enough. I was fortunate to participate in the extended LLM program, one of the best experiences of my life.
Apart from expanding your resume, being a returning student creates a unique experience in the second year. You are already friends with the faculty, staff, and fellow JD students. Clinics, research positions, and journals are all on the table to enhance your degree, and you get to meet a second LLM class.