SJD Candidates

  • Salman M. Alasiry portrait

    Salman M. Alasiry

    LL.M (Cum Laude), Duke Law, 2011; LL.B (Top of class), King Abdulaziz University, 2005
    Academic Interests:
    My research interests include international finance, financial intermediation and systemic risk, Basel accords, theory and practice of Islamic finance, banks governance and social responsibility, shadow banking and central banking.

  • Anas Albanyan portrait

    Anas Albanyan

    LLMLE, Duke Law School, ’12; J.D., Lewis & Clark Law School, ’11; M.S., DePaul University, ’07
    Academic Interests:
    Startups, Entrepreneurship, Business Associations, Venture Capital, Angel Investing, Regional Advantage and Ecosystems

  • Xiao Recio Blanco portrait

    Xiao Recio Blanco

    LLM Duke University, 2012; Licenciado en Derecho (J.D. equivalent). Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 2005.
    Academic Interests:
    Environmental law and policy, ocean and coastal law and policy, international law, comparative US-European Union Law.

  • Wen-Yu Chia portrait

    Wen-Yu Chia

    LL.B., National ChengChi University (2006); LL.M., National Taiwan University (2010); LL.M., Duke University, School of Law (2012)
    Academic Interests:
    Constitutional law and constitutionalism; democracy theory, divided society and institutional design; interdisciplinary legal study

  • Shimrit Itay

    LLB, Tel Aviv University , 2001; LLM, Tel Aviv University, 2005; LLM, Duke University, 2007
    Academic Interests:
    Criminal law, National Security, Constitutional law

  • Andrew Rens portrait

    Andrew Rens

    LLM University of the Witwatersrand, 1999; LLB University of the Witwatersrand, 1993; BA University of the Witwatersrand, 1991

    Academic Interests:
    Law and new technologies, Intellectual Property, Open Educational Resources, Access to Knowledge, Access to Medicine, Open Source

  • Daniel Lima Ribeiro

    Daniel Lima Ribeiro

    LL.M., with honors, Duke (2009); LL.B., UCAM, Brazil (1999)

    Academic Interests:
    Theoretical, empirical, and comparative research on the intersections of public law, decision theory, public policy, social and natural sciences. 

  • Ana Santos portrait

    Ana Santos

    LLM, Duke, 2008; LLM, Lisbon Catholic University, 2007; Law Degree, Lisbon Catholic University, 2006
    Academic Interests:
    International and Comparative Intellectual Property Law; Copyright Law; Patent Law; Intellectual Property Policy and Development; Intellectual Property and Human Rights

  • Nir Shnaiderman portrait

    Nir Shnaiderman

    LL.M., Duke University School of Law, 2011; LL.M., Bar-Ilan University School of Law, 2000 (Isr.); LL.B. (JD Equivalent), Bar-Ilan University School of Law, 1999 (Isr.) , 1999 (Isr.)
    Academic Interests:
    International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, The Law Of Armed Conflicts, Criminal Law

  • Cheng-Yun Tsang portrait

    Cheng-Yun Tsang

    LL.M, Duke University School of Law, 2011; M.B.A in Business Administration, National Taiwan University, 2007; LL.B, National Chengchi University, 2005; B.A in Diplomacy, National Chengchi University, 2005
    Academic Interests:
    Financial Reform and Regulatory Revolution in Greater China Area, Regulation and Supervision of Shadow Banking System, Regulatory Reform of Cross-Border Financial Conglomerates