PUBLISHED:September 26, 2012

5 Questions for Stella Boswell

Stella Boswell

Stella Boswell is a Senior Career Counselor and Public Interest Advisor in the Career Center. Her career path has taken her from serving clients to serving students.


1.  Quick bio:

I primarily grew up in San Antonio, Texas. My dad was in the military so I lived a lot of different places. I came to Duke as an undergraduate in 1986, and have mostly been in the area since.  North Carolina is my chosen home.

2.  What brought you to Duke Law School? 

I ended up here after meeting Dean Bruce Elvin at a networking event that I attended at the law school when I was president of the N.C. Association of Women Attorneys. Career Counseling was not something I had planned on. My practice background was initially in litigation, and then I ran an amicus curiae program and was a lobbyist for what was then called the NC Academy of Trial Lawyers.  I was intrigued by the opportunity to work with students and advise them, and have found the rewards of working with them mostly replaces how I sometimes miss having clients. The students are now my clients. I would definitely say that when I tell students they never know where networking will take them, my own career path demonstrates that, as nearly every job I’ve had has been in some way the result of networking. 

3.  What do you do for fun outside of work?

My biggest hobbies are road bicycling and reading. I am the co-captain of Team LUNA Chix Chapel Hill Cycling, which is sponsored by the company that makes LUNA bars. We are one of 26 teams in the country. Our purpose is to: (1) support and encourage women in sports (so we lead weekly group rides for beginner and intermediate women cyclists during our season which runs from April to October); and (2) to raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund which advocates for the elimination of the environmental causes of breast cancer. Here is our team website:

I have been in a reading group that meets monthly since 1995.  We read about half fiction and half non-fiction. In addition, I read for pleasure all the time. 

4.  What is your favorite TV show and why?

I pretty much do not watch TV unless I sit down to see something one of my daughters is watching.  I would much rather read, although I do really love movies.

5.  What is your favorite Durham restaurant and why? 

Durham has so many wonderful restaurants.  Since I live in Chapel Hill, I don’t make it over as much as I would like, but among my favorites are Rue Cler, La Vaquita, Nana Taco and Thai Café.  I guess you could say that I really like ethnic food.