PUBLISHED:January 23, 2008

Bar Review course fee reduction

Duke Law School is excited to announce that, through Bar-Bri, it will be able to award $10,000 to reduce the fee for bar review courses for students taking a course in summer 2008 for certain
states. This opportunity is made possible through the Office of the Dean’s waiver of the Law School’s customary room rental fees charged to corporate users of Law School facilities.

Student Eligibility Class of 2008 graduates:

  • not receiving financial support from an employer to pay for a bar review course, and

  • whose professional plans embody the Blueprint principles as described in a written application, will be eligible to apply for a fee reduction.

Applicable States & Amounts*

Although Bar-Bri has a decentralized structure whereby each state basically runs its own programs, Bar-Bri has agreed to make a fee reduction available for courses taught at Duke and in several other states (students may take the course either at Duke, if offered, or in the home state and still be eligible for the reduction; prior memos discuss the states that Bar-Bri offers at Duke and information is available on the Bar-Bri website).
Opportunities for fee reductions fall into two categories:

Opportunity 1

  • Up to five students will be eligible to receive a fee reduction of $1,000 each for a Bar-Bri review course for the following states: California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia

Opportunity 2

  • Up to 10 students will be eligible to receive a fee reduction of $500 each for a Bar-Bri review course for the following states: California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Virginia

A student is eligible for only one award under either 1 or 2. Students applying for Opportunity 1 and not receiving it will be automatically considered for 2.

Application Process Interested students should write a paragraph documenting need for this scholarship and describing how your post-graduation plans will further the Duke Blueprint values and/or the public service aspirations of the legal profession. It is not required that you have confirmed post-graduation employment when you apply; however, you should then in particular draw on your prior experiences to highlight your commitment to your future goals as stated above. Indicate which state’s bar you will be taking and where you will likely be studying, as well.

Please submit your application in a Word document attached to an email with the subject “Bar Review Fee Reduction” to Tedi Mason at by January 31, 2008.