PUBLISHED:March 31, 2010

Capital University Law School Summer Dispute Resolution Institute

Capital University Law School will be offering its third annual Summer Dispute Resolution Institute.

SDR is designed to meet the needs of law students seeking to accelerate their study of law in the summer. SDR consists of 7 different week-long courses (additional courses may be added prior to the start of summer classes). Courses are designed to allow students to enroll in one class a week.

Course Offerings:

· Dispute Resolution 2 credits
July 12-16, 8 am-1:10 pm

· Labor & Employment Arbitration 2 credits
July 12-16, Noon-5:10 pm

· Mediation 2 credits
July 19-23, 8 am-1:10 pm

· General Arbitration 2 credits
July 19-23, Noon-5:10 pm

· Divorce Mediation 3 credits
July 26-July 20, 8 am-5:30 pm

· Health Care & Dispute Resolution 2 credits
July 26-Aug. 1, 1 pm-4:40 pm

· Negotiation 2 credits
Aug. 2-6, 8 am-1:10 pm

Students may enroll as a summer visiting student with approval from the home institution.

Tuition is $1,106 per credit hour. Financial aid may be available through the student's home law school.

Capital Law also has two additional Summer Institutes: Summer Adoption Law Institute and Interdisciplinary Child Welfare Institute

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