PUBLISHED:February 25, 2020

Clark '12, a Greensboro business lawyer, is named to Piedmont Triad's 40 Under 40

Manny Clark, Triad Business Journal's 40 Under 40 Manny Clark, Triad Business Journal's 40 Under 40

Published in the Triad Business Journal

Title: Associate, Fox Rothschild LLP

Age: 32

Education: Bachelor's, anthropology, Davidson College; Duke University School of Law

Why selected: As a business lawyer, Manny Clark advises clients through commercial transactions, including The Bell House's donation of its former complex to Creative Aging Network-NC and HandyCapable. The donation was so large that it needed approval from the office of the N.C. General Attorney. Clark serves on the City of Greensboro Planning Board and the board of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and is part of the Leadership Greensboro program. He also works with the Institute for Responsible Citizenship and serves as the leader of the organization's collegiate institute in Greensboro, mentoring 7 to 10 young men.

How can the Triad better retain young professionals? This is an issue the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce has been talking about because it’s a top concern for all three cities of the Triad and many other cities that were previously textile dominant or dominant in some manufacturing industry that has since gone away. One way to revitalize is by focusing on entrepreneurship. Winston-Salem is talking about launching a pretty significant grant program for local entrepreneurs and the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce is considering something similar. The best strategy for any city to retain young professionals will always be helping them to fulfill their career and personal aspirations. Maybe it’s because I’m a business lawyer, but I am a die-hard capitalist and I truly believe in the capacity of markets to drive significant change and bring benefits to people. The success of Greensboro and the people who live and work here hinges, I think, on whether we can revamp from having one dominant industry into a more diverse business community that can generate prosperity across the board.

Most meaningful volunteer activity? It was particularly meaningful to me when I was asked to work with the Institute for Responsible Citizenship because I’m an alumnus of the program, and it really opened doors for me. When I was a student, I interned at a law firm, and after that I was an FBI honors intern, and all of those relationships were created through the institute. Now I have the chance to give back by helping academically successful black male students within the Triad to have similar experiences. The hope, of course, is that they will one day want to do the exact same thing as a mentor with the Institute.

I am passionate about ... economic development and, in particular, developing Greensboro.

A fun fact people may not know about you? I am originally from Key West, Florida, so I am from the smallest of small towns, meaning that my town is about two miles wide and two miles long. Most of my family is located down there, and my parents met there, so it is one of the places I call home.

What's your funniest travel story and/or worst vacation and why? My worst vacation was in Marrakesh, Morocco, in 2007. I was studying in Spain that year and I think I ate something bad on the way out of Barcelona. So I completely missed seeing Marrakesh because I was sick for an entire week. But I can’t be mad at Barcelona. I was there for four months and it was amazing.

Where is your favorite staycation in the Triad? Without a doubt the Grandover Resort. When I was first considering moving to Greensboro, my fiancée and I stayed there. She visited the spa and that night we ate at 1618 Downtown and she was sold after that.

What does your future career journey look like? At this stage in my career, I hope I am getting the clients that I will have for the rest of my life and as they grow their businesses, my career will be growing along with them. My goal is to be a trusted business lawyer within the Piedmont Triad community and to help businesses find ways to protect themselves and to drive successful agreements that build the Triad up.

If you could choose any place in the world to travel to, where would you go and why? I’ve heard that Capetown, South Africa, is fascinating and beautiful and full of history. I’ve tasted South African wine, and I think it would be a wonderful place to travel, even though it’s a faraway destination.