PUBLISHED:June 29, 2016

Duke-Japan Conference on Comparative Foreign Relations Law

Duke-Japan Conference on Comparative Foreign Relations Law Duke-Japan Conference on Comparative Foreign Relations Law

Monday, October 10, 2016
The Japan Institute of International Affairs

Courts, Treaties, Custom and the Use of Force

This conference, which has been organized by Duke Law School and is being hosted by Japan’s Institute of International Affairs, brings together leading experts from around the world to compare and contrast how nations structure their decisionmaking about foreign affairs and how they incorporate international law within their domestic legal systems.  The topics to be discussed include the general role of domestic courts in addressing matters concerning foreign affairs, the making and application of treaties and other international agreements, the domestic incorporation and application of customary International law and jus cogens norms, and decisions to use military force and participate in collective security.  The conference will utilize a roundtable discussion format.  To facilitate the discussion, each participant is preparing a short discussion paper on their assigned topic, and these papers will be circulated prior to the conference.  The discussion papers will ultimately be developed into chapters in a volume entitled The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Foreign Relations Law.

Conference Agenda

Conference Papers


Curtis Bradley (Duke University, United States)

William Dodge (University of California, Davis, United States) 

Jean Galbraith (University of Pennsylvania, United States)

Oona Hathaway (Yale University, United States)

Laurence Helfer (Duke University, United States)

Karen Knop (University of Toronto, Canada)

Wendy Lacey (University of South Australia, Australia)

Jaemin Lee (Seoul National University, South Korea) 

Xinmin Ma (Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Hiromichi Matsuda (International Christian University, Japan)

Campbell McLachlan (Victoria University, New Zealand)

Tadaatsu Mori (Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Tadashi Mori (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Anne Peters (Max Planck Institute, Germany)

Naoko Saiki (Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Koji Teraya (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Shingo Yamagami (Japan Institute of International Affairs)

Katja Ziegler (University of Leicester, United Kingdom)