PUBLISHED:September 09, 2009

Duke Law moves to ePrint

What's new?

There have been four ePrint stations (1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A). Today we have added four more (1B, 2B, 3B and outside the registrar's office). Printer 4B will continue to be accessible via NDPS printing (using a control station at which you log in using your lawid). Printer 3C at the front of the library is our only public-access printer; please do not print large jobs there.

What is ePrint?

ePrint is a print management system in use at Duke that is designed to make printing easier, faster and less wasteful.

Does it cost money?

ePrint printing at the law school is completely free for Duke Law students. (See below for more info about the quota system.)

How do I get the ePrint software?

Please visit We can help you with the installation; please see the help desk at the front of the library.

How do I print with ePrint?

To print from your application, just select print. If "ePrint-OIT printer (double-sided)" is not your default printer, please select it from your printer list. In Windows, right click on it to select it as your default printer.

Once you have clicked on okay to print your job, the ePrint system will ask you for your NetID. You will then need to go to any ePrint station and swipe your DukeCard. Select your job(s) and click Print.

What if I lost or left my DukeCard at home?

You can come to the help desk at the front of the library and borrow a card from us.

What if my printout is damaged?

Duke's ePrint distributed printing system now allows you to print a job again without running back to your computer. With ePrint rePrint, the job goes back into the print queue for 15 minutes. If you need to reprint the job within that timeframe, just swipe your DukeCard at any ePrint station and choose the job out of the list of available jobs in your print queue.

Do I have a quota?

Yes, but it is not does not affect your flex account. Law School students have a $75.00 quota that will increase automatically once you have reached a certain limit.

How can I check my ePrint quota?

Please visit

Can I use my quota throughout Duke’s campus?

You have two quotas. The Duke quota is available to all students. When on the campus, you will use your Duke quota ($36.00 per semester). You can also requests increase to this number when you reach a certain level. When you are in the Law School, you will use your Law quota ($75.00 per semester). Law quotas are automatically raised when you run low.

Why the quota system?

The quota system at Duke has been implemented primarily to encourage students and others to use resources in a responsible manner. It also provides a platform for offering new services, such as color printing.

Can non-Duke Law students print in the Law School?

Yes. However, non-Duke Law students have no free quota on our printers, and they will have printing charges deducted directly from their flex accounts.