PUBLISHED:November 14, 2012

Eb Bernazard LLMLE ‘13

Eb Bernazard

What is your background?

From: Princeton, NJ
College: Rutgers University - Political Science
Law School: University of Pennsylvania

Work Experience: 

  • City of Philadelphia Law Department: Intellectual Property Division
  • Commercial Litigation at a law firm
  • New York Business Manager for Melissa’s, the largest specialty produce company in the United States.
  • Hobbies: Cycle (lots of great hills and paths in Durham & Chapel Hill), baseball fan & other sports, cooking
  • What has been your favorite thing about Duke's Law and Entrepreneurship LLM so far?

While I still have plenty to learn, the instruction and quick pace of the program leads to a base understanding of entrepreneurship in a relatively short period of time.  This base provides some basic tools to have meaningful conversations out in the entrepreneurial community.

What have you learned about the entrepreneurial community in Durham and The Research Triangle?

The community is very open and supportive of people that show enthusiasm, a sense of curiosity, and a willingness to work.  Pick an interest and get out in the community because it will embrace you. 

How are you involved in entrepreneurial endeavors and how do you plan to engage with the entrepreneurial community upon graduation?

I am currently an active member of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) and plan to be involved in the Duke Start-up Challenge.  The specific plan upon graduation is a flexible work in progress.  In general, my current approach is to work within an entrepreneurial company, and continue to take an active role in organizations that support entrepreneurial development.

Tell us about a class outside the law school or an extracurricular activity you are involved in.

I attended a guest lecture at the Pratt School of Engineering.  The lecturer, a Duke Alum and venture capitalist, used information from an actual pitch as an example of evaluating an entrepreneurial idea.  It was conducted in a very interactive manner, and at the end, the group voted on whether or not to invest in the pitch.  After the vote, the lecturer provided information on the actual real life decision that was made and why.

Which professor has impressed you most and why?

This is a very tough choice as I am impressed by all my professors and do not think that I can choose between them.  In addition to discussions about their specific course, the professors are just as accessible for thoughts on course selection, career advice, or everyday conversation about events or great places to eat in the area.  Also, each of my professors has either current or prior experience outside of teaching.  As a result, the instruction goes well beyond mere theory; the professors introduce practical examples and applications.

What advice would you give to an incoming LLMLE student to make for a successful year?

Students need to experience things both in and out of the classroom.  First, there are a lot of opportunities and programs every week across the Duke campus.  Second, the Triangle has a lot of startup activities across almost any possible interest.  Third, learn from and get to know the fellow members of the LLM-LE program.