PUBLISHED:March 07, 2012

Einat Levy LLM '12

Einat Levy '12

Name: Einat Levy
Class Year: 2012
Home: Israel
Law School: Tel Aviv University School of Law

Where is home? What is it famous for?

I am from Israel, which is famous for its beautiful landscapes and historical sites, as well as its warm, welcoming and positive people. Israelis have the ability to make a stranger feel like a friend, and friend, like a family member. Israel is also very famous for its hi-tech innovations, scientific development and excellent universities. It also has great artists of all kinds, such as the dance companies “Bat-Sheva” and “Kibotzit,” the Philharmonic and the Opera.

What is your field of interest? Why?

I am mainly focused in Corporate Law, with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital.

Why did you decide to pursue an LLM at Duke?

I learned of Duke from my cousin, who was a visiting scholar at the University. I also spoke with some friends who are alumni here; they took a lot of pride in their Duke degree and told me how exciting it would be for me to become part of the Duke family. An additional reason for my applying to Duke’s LLM program was its renowned faculty and the cutting-edge approach to entrepreneurship and the law. It was also exciting to be able to join a broad array of student groups and take courses at the Fuqua School of Business.

In addition to being a lawyer, you are also a professional dancer. What is your favorite style of dance? Are there any lessons that you learned as a dancer that you can use in your legal career?

My favorite dance styles are contemporary dance and street jazz. As a dancer, aside from talent, your most valuable assets are discipline, being able to work as a team, and leadership ability, particularly as a choreographer. All of these qualities are important to attorneys as well.

You served in the Israeli Defense Forces, supervising and training military police. What did you learn from that experience and what influence did it have on your life and career?

As a military trainer, I had to quickly learn and develop teaching techniques that would deliver results in a short period of time. Although it was a challenging experience, it taught me a great deal, including how to accomplish tasks most efficiently and trouble-shoot problems on the fly. This experience also gave me the opportunity to maintain responsibility for a large group of people on a personal and a professional level. In addition, as a soldier, I learned how to be a part of an organization with a bigger vision.

What have you liked most about Duke so far?

I am constantly impressed by the accessibility of our professors, as well as the warmth and dedication of the Law School staff. I feel lucky to be a part of a small group of LLM students and to develop strong relationships with attorneys and judges from all over the world. The Law School offers a lot of presentations on different legal issues, which are a great opportunity to expand your knowledge about subjects that are not part of your courses. In addition, Fuqua Business School is home to business societies and lectures series that I find very interesting. For example, the Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Society complements perfectly the courses I am taking in the Law School.

What’s the biggest advantage of studying in the United States?

The main advantage is working with American attorneys. Also, the Socratic teaching method pushes me to develop legal skills that will be necessary for my future work as an attorney in the U.S. I am sure that after completing my LLM degree, I will have a deeper understanding of the analytical tools that underline the American legal system. Furthermore, my specialization in corporate law will also enhance my marketability in the U.S. legal market.

In one word or sentence, describe your Duke experience.

One of a kind.

What has been your favorite class so far? Why?

Entrepreneurship and Law with Professor Erika Buell is definitely my favorite course.

What are your plans for the future?

After my graduation, I plan on returning to New York, where I am admitted to practice law. I would like to focus on practicing corporate law with emphasis on Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship.