PUBLISHED:April 13, 2012

Exams start on Thursday!

The Spring 2012 Exam Period runs from Thursday, April 19 to Wednesday, May 2 at 5 pm. (Thursday, May 3 and Friday, May 4 are used for rescheduled exams.)


  • General Exam Instructions: You are responsible for knowing and following each provision of these instructions. Please read them carefully. There is information contained in them that is not included in this e-mail.
  • In-class exams begin at 8:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m.
  • Room assignments for the following day’s in-class exams are posted by 3 pm on the bulletin board outside of the Registrar’s Office (Room 2027). Be sure to double-check your room assignment just before heading upstairs to take your exam.
  • Please plan to be in the exam room 30 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin. Allow one seat between you and fellow students.
  • Know your Student ID# (it’s in ACES, not on your Duke ID Card). Some instructors may refer to it as your “exam id” on the exam.
  • Writing Exams By Hand: procedures for writing exams by hand are found at the end of the General Exam Instructions. Bluebooks will be available in the exam room for use by those students writing their exam by hand.
  • EBB: Please review the “Computer Instructions” at the back of the General Exam Instructions for appropriate procedures in using EBB to write your exam and in handling any computer issues that arise while you are taking the exam.
  • Do not forget your powercord!
  • Cellphone Use During In-class Exams: In all in-class exams, your cell phone must be turned off and placed off of the desk. Cell phones may not be accessed during your exam inside or outside of the exam room for any reason. Failure to comply may be treated as a violation of the Honor Code.
  • Food and drink is permitted, but please limit any noise when opening packaging or when eating or drinking.
  • You may use earplugs unconnected to any electronic device.
  • If during the exam, your computer malfunctions, you become ill, or you have a question about an exam question: leave all materials in the exam room and go to the Registrar’s Office (Room 2027) where someone will assist you promptly.
  • If your exam is blocked, you will not be permitted to access an English Dictionary on your cell-phone, laptop, or other electronic device, except for a device which is solely an English dictionary and which cannot be used to access the internet for any purpose beyond translation.


  • Exam Distribution: Take home exams are available at the Registrar’s Office (Room 2027) beginning at 8:30, unless otherwise specified by your professor.
  • Please present your Duke ID card when picking up a take-home exam. Your exam envelope will be stamped with the current day and time and will serve as a record of the time at which you picked up your exam.
  • You should return a hard copy of your answers and the questions in the exam envelope to our office no later than 5 pm. Please make sure that your envelope is sealed and you have filled out the label on the envelope. It will be stamped with the day and time of return.
  • Exams may be returned between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday-Friday. If you are taking a 24-hour exam, please plan accordingly. (You will not be permitted to turn in an exam on the weekend.)
  • The times given to complete a take-home exam vary from class to class. Make sure that you are aware of the details specific to your exam.


  • You will receive extra time on an exam only if the professor has specified such time be given and the Registrar’s Office has received your approved Request for Extra Time Form.
  • The amount of additional time allowed will vary by exam and be decided upon by your professor.
  • In-class Exams: you will receive a bright pink sheet of paper to display on your desk to indicate to the proctors that you have been approved to receive extra time.
  • English Dictionary access on cell phones during In-Class Exams: If your exam is blocked, you will not be permitted to access an English Dictionary on your cell-phone, laptop, or other electronic device, except for a device which is used solely for the purposes of translation and which cannot be used to access the internet for any purpose beyond translation.
  • Take-home Exams: You will follow the same procedures for picking up and returning your exam as outlined in the Take-Home Exam section above.
  • If you have extra-time that would necessarily extend when your exam would be due to after 5 pm or before 8 am, you will be instructed to submit your exam online by e-mailing it to You are required to then return the exam envelope with exam questions inside to the Registrar’s Office by 8:30 am the following morning.
  • If you are a non-law International student, please submit the form (provided to you in a separate e-mail) by Monday, April 16 at 5 pm.

Students receiving accommodations

If you have not already done so, please contact Dean Belk,

Once the exam period has begun, do not contact your professor under any circumstances! Direct all questions or concerns that arise during the exam period to us, the Registrar’s Office (Room 2027) or the Office of Student Affairs (Room 2007), and we will determine the appropriate course of action.


A guiding principle of the Duke Law Blueprint is to Embody Integrity. As you head into the reading and examination period, we strongly encourage you to review the Law School’s rules governing academic misconduct, especially those relating to in-class examinations and written assignments. Your reputation as an attorney begins in law school, and it is your obligation to know and understand the rules pertaining to academic integrity.

Best of luck to you!