PUBLISHED:June 23, 2008

Five Questions

1. What brought you to Duke Law School?
I think my personality led me to Duke Law. I have a BA in Criminal Justice, and before coming to Duke, I worked at Target in assets protection.

2. What is your title and what does your job entail?
Administrative Assistant/Assistant to the Building Manager

I provide customer service at the main entrance reception desk on the 3rd floor and help Catherine Hall (Building Manager) with building related issues: keys, maintenance, HVAC, shredding, telephones, moving, and anything [else] that’s building related. I don’t do the actual maintenance; I have contacts for all of the building-related needs. I am also responsible for the drinks.

3. How do you begin each day?
Thanking God for another day and singing in the shower, because that’s the only place my voice sounds good.

4. When you are away from the Law School, how do you like to spend your time?
I love going to see plays… usually at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium, RBC Center, and Carolina Theatre. I saw “The Color Purple” on Broadway in New York and it is coming to the Carolina Theatre soon.

I [also] spend a lot of time with my family. We love to bowl and skate. We enjoy Palace Pointe in Roxboro — it has a movie theatre, skating rink, and bowling area.

5. Put together a dinner party with five famous people, either living or dead. Who would you invite and why?
Bill Cosby — actor, comedian, activist — [to be] our entertainment; Denzel Washington — my favorite actor; Martin Luther King Jr. — [for] his legacy; Barack Obama — politician, civil rights activist, [and presidential] nominee; Michael Jackson today… Oh no! I want Michael Jackson from 1982 — singer (“Thriller” album) — he will provide the music.