PUBLISHED:October 25, 2010

Ilyse Fishman LLMLE '10

Ilyse Fishman LLMLE '10

Meet Ilyse Fishman: A 2010 graduate of the Duke University School of Law from Boca Raton, FL. She holds a BA in political science, a BA in History and a MA in history all from Emory University.

1. What has been your favorite thing about Duke's Law and Entrepreneurship LLM so far?
The practicality of our curriculum. My main concern about the LLM program was that I would spend too much time in the classroom reading cases at the expense of gaining substantive experience. However, my classes are very practical and our professors make themselves unbelievably accessible. For example, two professors are currently offering optional tutorials on Friday afternoons to take us step-by-step through a deal. I will also be externing and participating in the Start Up Challenge next semester for academic credit.

2. What is one thing that has surprised you since you've been at Duke?
Even after three full years at Duke as a J.D. student, I continue to be surprised by the city of Durham. Despite its small town feel, there are new things going on around town. What was once an old tobacco warehouse is now, more often than not, a newly converted office space or lofted apartment. There’s also an amazing culinary scene.

3. Tell us about a class outside the law school or an extracurricular activity you are involved in.
This semester, I am working at Duke’s Office of Licensing and Ventures as a Technology Transfer Intern, shadowing a local restaurateur, and training for my first half marathon.

4. Which professor has impressed you most and why?
One of our class speakers recently gave us what I think is great advice: Rather than put one single role model on a pedestal, identify several different mentors who each embody one or more of the characteristics you seek to emulate. Each of our professors truly bring something different to the table. For example, I admire Kip Frey for his candor, dedication, and ability to take calculated risk. Bill Brown, whom I would affectionately label the mad scientist of the law school, is constantly tinkering with new ideas and has an unbelievable capacity to multitask. Andrew Foster is always kindhearted, cheerful, and approachable. The list goes on.

5. What advice would you give to an incoming LLMLE student to make for a successful year?
Lawyers tend to be risk-averse. Come in with an open mind and use the year to try new things.