PUBLISHED:July 06, 2011

International Alumni Events 2010-11

Send-Off Parties

The Duke Alumni Clubs in various countries sometimes host send-off parties for incoming LLM students from their countries. It is a great opportunity for alumni to meet current students and re-connect with each other. To host one in your country, please contact Jennifer Maher at

Germany: The Duke Law LLM Class of 2012, together with the Duke Undergraduate Class of 2015 as well as the other classes of Duke graduate schools, were recently welcomed to the Duke family by Markus Nauheim (LLM ’96), President of the Duke Club of Germany, at a reception for these classes, their parents, and Duke alumni in Frankfurt.

Japan: The Japanese alumni held their annual gathering on June 11, 2001 in Tokyo to celebrate the incoming members of the 2012 LLM class. Yuri Ide (LLM ’08) and Yusuke Abe (LLM ’08) helped organize the gathering.

LLM Recruitment Fairs
Every year law schools and universities across the globe host informational sessions about LLM programs available to students in different countries. Duke Law’s visibility and presence at this events is heavily dependent upon the commitment and willingness of our international alumni to attend and speak to students about their experiences at Duke. If you are able to represent Duke at such an event in your country, please email Jennifer Maher at

Vienna, Austria: LLM alumni Clemens Schmied (LLM ’10) (left) and Christian Zwick (LLM ’10) represented Duke at the LLM Night in Vienna in March. Several hundred students and young professionals from Vienna and surrounding regions visited the event and spoke with Clem and Christian about their experiences at Duke. Markus Nauheim (LLM ’96) also attended.

Milan, Italy: Maciej Borowicz (LLM ’10) participated in an International Law Society recruitment event at the Bocconi School of Law in Milan in March, where he spoke about his experience as an LLM student and promoted Duke’s LLM program.

Cologne, Germany: During the Deutsch-American Lawyers Association (DAJV) weekend seminar in Cologne, Markus Nauheim (LLM ’96) promoted Duke to the potential students.

Regional Alumni Get-togethers
Hong Kong: A lovely dinner at the China Club was arranged by Desiree Sumilang (LLM ‘01 ) in July 2010. Judy & Don Horowitz and Duke faculty members Lawrence Baxter, Neil Vidmar, and Kathy Bradley attended the dinner.

Melbourne: In December 2010 Judy and Don Horowitz met with alumni in Australia. Among them were Gordon Walker (SJD ‘99 ), Mark Unger (LLM ‘04 ), and Donald Feaver (LLM ‘90).

Jerusalem: In February 2011, Judy had a reunion, planned by Israeli alumni association chairman Eran Sarig (LLM ’03), with Israeli alumni at a restaurant in Jerusalem. During the same trip, she also spent time with Iyad Tayyem (LLM ‘07) and Murad Fares (LLM ‘06 ) and other Palestinian alumni in Ramallah.

Brussels: In May 2011, Judy and Don Horowitz greeted a large group of alumni at the home of Olivier Van Ermengem (LLM ’95). Axel Clerens (LLM ’05), president of the alumni association, notified all alumni about the event.

Geneva: In July, 2010 Guy Vermeil (LLM ’89) hosted a party at his home for new students from Geneva. Jennifer Maher (JD ’83), Jean-Francois Ducrest (LLM ’90), David Ledermann (JD ’02) and Jerome Jotterand (LLM ’04) also attended.

Vienna: In April 2011, Viennese alumni organized a dinner for the Willem Vis Arbitration team from Duke. Roland Herbst (LLM ’04), Manfred Ketzer (LLM ’99), Marko MacKinnon-Violic (LLM ’03), and Christian Zwick (LLM ’10) hosted Jennifer Maher (JD ’83), the team, and Duke’s Vias Coach, Charles Holton (JD ’73).

Canada: Several members of the LLM Class of 1995 had a mini reunion spending seven days traveling in Canada to hike, raft, cliff jump and camp on glaciers. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with former classmates. The next mini reunion is planned for Japan in 2013.

Kamakura, Japan: Numerous members of the LLM class of 2008-09 had a picnic in Kamakura, Japan where they enjoyed catching up and reliving their memories of Duke Law.

Second International Alumni and Student Dinner in New York
The second International Alumni and Student Dinner was held on January 27, 2011 at the Netherland Club of New York. More than 100 guests and sponsors attended the event, raising over $35,000 for LLM scholarships and programs. The dinner also introduced current LLM students who are attending the International Student Interview Program in New York to alumni. Plans for the next dinner are already underway following the meeting of the International Advisory Committee in June. To participate in the planning of the next event or contribute in some other fashion, please contact Oleg Kobelev at See the photos.

International Alumni Happy Hour in Washington, D.C.
Twenty-three international alumni and friends met for an informal get-together at Sette Osteria, a restaurant and bar in Washington, DC . There are plans in the works for arranging a more formal annual event patterned after the New York International Student and Alumni Dinner. If you would like to get involved in the planning of this event, please contact Oleg Kobelev at
See the photos and read more.