PUBLISHED:April 07, 2011

Katherine Record '10

Katherine Record ’10
O’Neill Fellowship in National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University

Katherine Record earned a dual degree in psychology and participated in the AIDS Legal Project, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, and the Health Law Society while at Duke Law.

Describe your work.
My work at O’Neill has focused primarily on public health law reform in low- and middle-income nations and planning for implementation of the use of antiretroviral drugs as HIV prophylaxes. A few discrete projects have centered around domestic matters — mental health law and the Affordable Care Act.

How did your experience at Duke Law prepare you for this work?
Duke allowed me to pursue an interdiscliplinary degree track that I needed to go into public health law. Working with the Psychology Department and the Duke Global Health Institute exposed me to professionals and students pursuing public health from different angles, and helped me to develop a well-rounded understanding of the field. My experience at the Law School completed this — a few truly spectacular faculty members and the AIDS Legal Project were instrumental in helping me hit the ground running as I started my career. Being able to focus my upper-level classes on domestic and global health law was critical to being prepared for what I am working on now.

What do you hope to do next?
Over the long term, I plan to focus on expanding access to essential medicines as well as HIV prevention and treatment.