PUBLISHED:April 25, 2024

Lawyers in Love: LLM students marry during year at Duke


Aditi Mishra LLM ’24 and Jai Singh LLM ’24 tied the knot at the Durham County Courthouse in February.

Jai Singh proposes to Aditi Mishra on bridge at Sarah P. Duke Gardens

While on a typical date for the couple, Aditi Mishra LLM ’24 never expected to receive a proposal from her longtime boyfriend, Jai Singh LLM ’24. But just a couple of months ago, she got what she had hoped for.

Mishra and Singh met while in the same class at the Symbiosis Law School in Pune, India, and had always been close friends thereafter. After being fond of each other for a while, Singh decided to ask Mishra out in 2018. For their first date, Mishra says they went to a cafe called Murphy’s in India around Valentine’s Day.

In June 2023, a few months before they started the LLM program at Duke, Mishra and Singh were engaged under Indian traditions and decided to get married in February 2024. But there was something missing for Mishra.

“I had never gotten the proposal I wanted,” she said. "So, Jai, along with the help of our friends Thenard and Guido, proposed on February 3, 2024—six years after asking me out—at Sarah P. Duke Gardens.”

According to Mishra, the proposal was a complete surprise. She didn’t have any expectations because the couple was already engaged, and it wasn’t out of the ordinary for them to be going on a date on the day of their anniversary.

“But he was insisting I get a solo picture on the red bridge,” said Mishra. The red bridge, known as the Meyer Bridge, is an iconic fixture at Duke Gardens that beautifully extends over the large pond in the Culberson Asiatic Arboretum. “I agreed, and when I turned to pose, he was on his knees with a ring.”

The couple were wed at the Durham County Courthouse on February 23. Their close friends and a few family members shared the special occasion with them.

“On the same evening, we celebrated our wedding with fellow LLM students, and it was a pajama party! It was so fun ringing in our married life surrounded by a great bunch of friends,” said Mishra.