PUBLISHED:June 26, 2008

Lindsay Andrews '10

June 17, 2008

I am working at Yulchon in Seoul, Korea for the first half of the summer and will spend the second half of my summer at the summer institute in Hong Kong. As a summer clerk, I have been researching and preparing memos for the firm's foreign attorneys. My work has mainly focused on researching U.S. case law and preparing a best practices memo for use in advocating a certain interpretation of Korean law. The attorneys at the firm have been very welcoming and gracious, and go out of their way to assist me in navigating both the city and the legal culture.

My life here hasn't been all work though. I've visited tons of palaces, temples, and museums in Seoul. Last weekend I did a "templestay" retreat and spent sunrise chanting with Buddhist monks. For my final weekend, I'll be going on a tour of the DMZ (demilitarized zone) and then catching a Korean baseball game (dried squid instead of peanuts!).

I'm surprised at how much I love Korean food and I realize I am really going to crave it once I get back to Durham. I've had to take a more adventurous approach to eating because very few menus have English translations, so I usually end up pointing at a random item and hoping for the best when it comes out! I've befriended an attorney who will be getting his LLM at Duke next year and I'm hoping I can talk his wife into making me some "bibimbap" in exchange for babysitting their daughter. Overall my time in Seoul has been wonderfully new and exciting, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work here.