PUBLISHED:November 01, 2011

Meet the Registration Portal

What is the course registration page?
The course registration page is your one-stop shop for information related to registering for classes. The course registration page replaces the famed course registration memo that formerly was circulated by the Offices of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs and the Registrar’s Office. We are certain that the trees appreciate us moving to an online format, and we hope students consider this a step in the right direction as well.

Here is the link (you'll need your NetID to login):

How does it make my life easier?
The course registration page makes your life easier in several ways. First, you can find all of the information you need for registering for classes in one place … and, it’s online. Second, you don’t need to flip through page after page of the cumbersome course registration memo in order to find the information you need. Third, you don’t need to keep track of the course registration page or try to figure out where to file it so you can find it later. The course registration page stays in one place online and it is easy to find.

When should I be looking at it?
You should refer to the course registration page whenever you have questions about course registration or related issues. The times you’ll most want to consult the course registration page are when you are planning your classes for future semesters and preparing to bookbag and register for classes. But, the course registration page also has information about exams, degree requirements and is a repository for all registration-related forms. You may want to choose the course registration page as your first stop whenever you have a registration-related question.

What information will I find there that I won't find elsewhere?
The course registration page is the place to look for the class schedule, exam schedule, information about your registration windows, new and notable courses and new and visiting faculty. This page will be updated frequently throughout registration and will continue to be updated over the course of the year.

How can I give feedback about the course registration page’s functionality?
The course registration page is new and acknowledges that it is a work-in-progress. If you think something is missing from the page or you have an Edison moment about how to make it more user-friendly, please e-mail Suze Bear at