PUBLISHED:June 29, 2011

Need access to your GroupWise archive?

For those on Outlook the client, here are instructions on how to access archives in GroupWise:

  • Open Remote Desktop Connection under Accessories (visible when you view All Programs on the Start Menu).
  • Remote Desktop to:
  • Log in with your netid and password
  • Open Computer on the start menu
  • If you do not see your J: drive:
    • Novell users, double click on the big red N and log in
    • NAS users, right click on Computer on your start menu and select Map Network Drive.
    • In the resulting window, select J: and enter:

      \\\LAW\USERS\[netid] (where you type your netid for [netid])
    • Click Finish. It should remap on next use as well.

  • Start GroupWise. Use your GroupWise name (the first part of your email address) and password.
    If blank, enter for the server. Nothing additional is required.

Please only stay connected when you need it – the VMs are a limited resource.