PUBLISHED:November 17, 2009

The Public Domain collects another award

Nov. 17, 2009 — Professor James Boyle’s latest book, The Public Domain, Enclosing the Commons of the Mind, has been named the American Society for Information Science and Technology Book of the Year for 2009.

The society is a professional network of information specialists in fields ranging from library and computer science to law, medicine, and chemistry; the group advocates for the advancement, support, and dissemination of information technology.

Calling the book “an immensely well-written exploration of the mix and balance between intellectual property on one hand and the public domain on the other,” the award citation credits Boyle with providing “an excellent overview of where the debate has been, and where it will go. Boyle's eloquent narrative is impressive for telling a tale that begins well before the Internet age and points to the challenges for the ‘future present’ we must all face. This broad outlook will serve students and scholars in information science well as they seek to better understand copyright and its numerous implications for information, systems and the Internet.”

Boyle maintains a blog about his book and his research at