PUBLISHED:April 20, 2010

Recent International Scholarship

Lawrence G. Baxter

The Internationalization of Law: The "Complex" Case of Bank Regulation, in THE INTERNATIONALISATION OF LAW: LEGISLATING, DECISION-MAKING, PRACTICE AND EDUCATION 1-33 (William Van Caenegem & Mary E. Hiscock eds., Edward Elgar, 2010)

Joseph Blocher

Influence of Land Tenure Practices on Artisanal Mining Activity in Ghana, 35 Resources Policy 47 (2010) (with with Frank K. Nyame)

Curtis A. Bradley

Clear Statement Rules and Executive War Powers, 33 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 139-148 (2010)

Foreign Sovereign Immunity, Individual Officials, and Human Rights Litigation, 13 Green Bag 2d 9-23 (2009) (published 2010) (with Jack Goldsmith)

Self-Execution and Treaty Duality, 2008 Supreme Court Review 131-182 (published 2009)

The Bush Administration and International Law: Too Much Lawyering and Too Little Diplomacy, 4 Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy 57-75 (2009)

The Story of Ex parte Milligan: Military Trials, Enemy Combatants, and Congressional Authorization, in Presidential Power Stories 93-132 (Christopher H. Schroeder & Curtis A. Bradley eds., 2009)

The United States, Israel, and Unlawful Combatants, 12 Green Bag 2d 397-411 (2009)

Withdrawing from International Custom, Yale Law Journal (forthcoming) (with Mitu Gulati)

FOREIGN RELATIONS LAW: CASES AND MATERIALS (Aspen Publishers, 1st ed. 2003, 2d ed. 2006, 3d. ed. 2009) (with Jack L. Goldsmith)

Paul D. Carrington

American Law and Transnational Corruption: Is There a Need for Lincoln's Law Abroad, in THE CIVIL LAW CONSEQUENCES OF CORRUPTION 37-65 (Olaf Meyer ed., 2009)

Richard A. Danner

Open Access to Legal Scholarship: Dropping the Barriers to Discourse and Dialogue, Prepared for presentation at the session: Open Access to Scholarly Legal Materials, 10th International "Law via the Internet" Conference, Durban, South Africa, 26 November 2009

Gaurang Mitu Gulati

Innovation after the Revolution: Foreign Sovereign Bond Contracts Since 2003, 4 Capital Markets Law Journal 85-103 (2009) (with Anna Gelpern)

The Coroner's Inquest: Ecuador's Default and Sovereign Bond Documentation, 28 International Financial Law Review 22-25 (Sept. 2009) (with Lee C. Buchheit)

Laurence R. Helfer

Islands of Effective International Adjudication: Constructing an Intellectual Property Rule of Law in the Andean Community, 103 American Journal of International Law 1-46 (2009) (with Karen Alter & Florencia Guerzovich)

Regime Shifting in the International Intellectual Property System, 7 Perspectives on Politics 39-44 (2009)

The Andean Tribunal of Justice and its Interlocutors: Understanding Preliminary Reference Patterns in the Andean Community, 41 New York University Journal of International Law & Politics 871-930 (2009) (with Karen J. Alter)

HUMAN RIGHTS (Foundation Press, 2d ed. 2009) (with others)

Collective Management of Copyrights and Human Rights: An Uneasy Alliance Revisited, in COLLECTED MANAGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT AND RELATED RIGHTS (Daniel J. Gervais ed., Kluwer Law International, 2d ed. forthcoming 2010)

HUMAN RIGHTS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: MAPPING THE GLOBAL INTERSECTIONS (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2010) (with Graeme W. Austin)

Nature or Nurture? Judicial Law-Making in the European Court of Justice and the Andean Tribunal of Justice, 64(4) International Organization (forthcoming 2010) (with Karen J. Alter)

Donald L. Horowitz

'The Federalist' Abroad in the World, in THE FEDERALIST 502-532 (Ian Shpario ed., 2009) (essay accompanying new edition of The Federalist)

Kimberly D. Krawiec

The Return of the Rogue, 51 Arizona Law Review 127-174 (2009)

Why We Should Ignore the “Octomom,” 104 Northwestern University Law Review Colloquy 120-131 (2009)

Francis McGovern

Dispute Systems Design: The United Nations Compensation Commission, 14 Harvard Negotiation Law Review 171-193 (2009)

Ralf Michaels

Comparative Law by Numbers? Legal Origins Thesis, Doing Business Reports, and the Silence of Traditional Comparative Law, 57 American Journal of Comparative Law 765-795 (2009)

Global Legal Pluralism, 5 Annual Review of Law & Social Science 1-35 (2009)

Preamble I: Purposes, legal nature, and scope of the PICC; Applicability by courts; Use of the PICC for the purpose of interpretation and supplementation and as a model, in COMMENTARY ON THE UNIDROIT PRINCIPLES OF INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL CONTRACTS 21-80 (Stefan Vogenauer & Jan Kleinheisterkamp eds., 2009)

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, in MAX PLANCK ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW (Rüdiger Wolfrum ed., 2009)

The Second Wave of Comparative Law and Economics?, 59 University of Toronto Law Journal 197-213 (2009) (Focus: Economics and Comparative Law)

Umdenken für die UNIDROIT - Prinzipien: Vom Rechtswahlstatut zum Allgemeinen Teil des transnationalen Vertragsrechts [Rethinking the UNIDROIT Principles: From a Law to be Chosen by the Parties Towards a General Part of Transnational Contract Law], 73 Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht 866-888 (2009)

Empagran’s Empire: The Territorial Scope of Statutes in a Post-Territorial World, in THE U.S. SUPREME COURT AND INTERNATIONAL LAW: CONTINUITY OR CHANGE? (David L. Sloss, Michael D. Ramsey & William S. Dodge eds., Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2011)

After the Revolution—Decline and Return of US Conflict of Laws, 11 Yearbook of Private International Law (forthcoming 2010)

Concentration in International Antitrust: Lessons from US Law, in INTERNATIONAL ANTITRUST LITIGATION: CONFLICT OF LAWS AND COORDINATION (Jürgen Basedow, Stéphanie Francq & Laurence Idot eds., forthcoming 2010) (with Hannah Buxbaum)

Conflict of Norms or Conflict of Laws?: Different Techniques in the Fragmentation of International Law, in MULTI-SOURCE EQUIVALENT NORMS IN INTERNATIONAL LAW (Tomer Broude & Yuval Shany eds., Hart, forthcoming 2010) (with Joost Pauwelyn)

Explanation Interpretation in Functionalist Comparative Law — A Response to Julie de Coninck, 74 Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht (forthcoming 2010)

The Mirage of Non-State Governance, 2009 Utah Law Review (forthcoming 2010)

The Two Rationalities of European Private Law, in THE FOUNDATIONS OF EUROPEAN PRIVATE LAW (Leone Niglia ed., forthcoming 2010)

Entries 'Acquisition from a non-owner,' 'Comparative Law,' 'Legal Culture,' 'Ownership,' 'Restatements,' in HANDBOOK OF EUROPEAN PRIVATE LAW (Jürgen Basedow, Klaus Hopt & Reinhard Zimmermann eds., Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

International Law in Domestic Courts: A Conflict of Laws Approach, 103 American Society of International Law Proceedings (forthcoming 2009) (with Karen Knop & Annelise Rice)

Madeline Morris

After Guantanamo: War, Crime, and Detention, 3 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy Online 1-37 (2009) (with Frances A. Eberhard & Michael A. Watsula)

On Liberty: Detention in New Forms of Armed Conflict, 31 Harvard International Review 58-59, 63 (Spring 2009) (with Frances Eberhard & Michael Watsula)


Jonathan Ocko

Appeal: Chinese Law, and Review in Chinese Law, in 1 Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History 193-198 (Stanley N. Katz ed., 2009)

State, Sovereignty, and the People: A Comparison of the 'Rule of Law' in China and India, 68.1 Journal of Asian Studies 55-100 (February 2009) (with David Gilmartin) (lead article in forum on Rule of Law in Chinese and Indian History)

Jerome H. Reichman

Comment: Compulsory Licensing of Patented Pharmaceutical Inventions: Evaluating the Options, 37 Journal of Law Medicine & Ethics 247-263 (2009)

Intellectual Property in the Twenty-First Century: Will the Developing Countries Lead or Follow?, 46 Houston Law Review 1115-1185 (2009)

Rethinking the Role of Clinical Trial Data in International Intellectual Property Law: The Case for a Public Goods Approach, 13 Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review 1-68 (2009)

Barak D. Richman

Ethnic Networks, Extralegal Certainty, and Globalisation: Peering Into the Diamond Industry, in CONTRACTUAL CERTAINTY IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE: EMPIRICAL STUDIES AND THEORETICAL DEBATES ON INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT FOR GLOBAL ECONOMIC EXCHANGES 31-49 (Volkmar Gessner ed., Hart Publishing 2009)

Mechanism Choice, in PUBLIC CHOICE AND PUBLIC LAW (Daniel A. Farber & Anne Joseph O'Connell eds., Elgar forthcoming 2010) (with Jonathan B. Wiener)

James Salzman

A Policy Maker's Guide to Designing Payments for Ecosystem Services (August 27, 2009) (report, Asian Development Bank project in China)

Ecosystem Services in Decision Making: Time to Deliver, 7 Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 21-28 (February 2009) (with Gretchen C. Daily et al.)

Conclusion: "The Path to a Brighter Future", in ECONOMIC GROWTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION: THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA'S PATH TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE 341-357 (Tun Lin & Timothy Swanson eds., 2010) (with Tun Lin & Timothy Swanson)

Recurrent Issues in Environmental Governance, in ECONOMIC GROWTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION: THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA'S PATH TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE 318-340 (Tun Lin & Timothy Swanson eds., 2010)

Steven L. Schwarcz

Conflicts and Financial Collapse: The Problem of Secondary-Management Agency Costs, 26 Yale Journal on Regulation 457-470 (2009) (Essay from Weil, Gotshal & Manges Routndtable on the Future of Financial Regulation, Yale Law School, February 13, 2009)

Keynote Address: Understanding the ‘Subprime’ Financial Crisis, 60 South Carolina Law Review 549-572 (2009) (Law Review Symposium on the Subprime Mortgage Crisis)

Regulating Complexity in Financial Markets, 87 Washington University Law Review 211-268 (2009)

The 'Principles' Paradox, 10 European Business Organization Law Review 175-184 (2009), republished in, THE RESEARCH HANDBOOK OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REGULATION (Kern Alexander ed., forthcoming)

The Future of Securitization, 41 Connecticut Law Review 1313-1325 (2009)

Fiduciaries With Conflicting Obligations, 94 Minnesota Law Review (forthcoming June 2010)

Keynote Address: The Conflicted Trustee Dilemma, New York Law School Law Review (forthcoming, 2010) (symposium on “Fear, Fraud, and the Future of Financial Regulation")

REGULATING FINANCIAL SYSTEMS: THE CRISIS OF 2007-2009 AND BEYOND (Oxford University Press, forthcoming) (with Kenneth Anderson)

The Case for a Market Liquidity Provider of Last Resort, NYU Journal of Law & Business (forthcoming 2009) (Keynote address, Modernizing Financial Regulatory Structure Symposium)

Too Big to Fail?: Recasting the Financial Safety Net, in THE PANIC OF 2008 (George Washington University Law School symposium based book, forthcoming)

Scott L. Silliman

Book Review, 95 Duke Magazine (March-April 2009) (reviewing Michael A. Newton & Michael P. Scharf, Enemy of the State: The Trial and Execution of Saddam Hussein (2008))

Prosecuting Alleged Terrorists by Military Commission: A Prudent Option, 42 Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law 289-297 (2009)

Charles O. Verrill, Jr.

A Report on Trade Remedies and Rules of Application, presented for discussion OECD Directorate for Science Technology & Industry, Steel Committee Meeting, 10-11 December 2009, U.N. Doc DSTI/SU/SC(2009)37

Noah Weisbord

The 1990s and the Use of Force: Anxiety, Realignment and New Justifications, 22 Global Change, Peace and Security 129-140 (2010)

Conceptualizing Aggression, 20 Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law 1-68 (2009)

Jonathan B. Wiener

Engaging China on Climate Change, 171 Resources (Resources For the Future Magazine) 29-33 (Winter/Spring 2009)

Property and Prices to Protect the Planet, 19 Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law 515-534 (2009)

Society for Risk Analysis Committee of Past Presidents' Recommendations to OMB on Regulatory Review (chair of committee) (March 16, 2009)

Theorizing and Generalizing About Risk Assessment and Regulation through Nested Analysis of Representative Cases, 31 Law & Policy 236-269 (April 2009) (with Brendon Swedlow, Denise Kall, Zheng Zhou, & James K. Hammitt)

Using Decision Analysis to Improve Malaria Control Policy Making, 92 Health Policy 133-140 (2009) (with Randall Kramer, Katherine Dickinson, Marie Lynn Miranda, & others)

New Perspectives on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response, PROCEEDINGS OF RACR-2009, the Second International Conference on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response (Beijing, 19-21 October 2009) (Atlantis Press, 2009) (editor, with Chongfu Huang & Jinren Ni)

Mechanism Choice, in PUBLIC CHOICE AND PUBLIC LAW (Daniel A. Farber & Anne Joseph O'Connell eds., Elgar forthcoming 2010) (with Barak D. Richman)

New Perspectives on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response, in COMPARATIVE ADMINISTRATIVE LAW (Susan Rose-Ackerman & Peter Lindseth eds., Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2010) (with Alberto Alemanno)

THE REALITY OF PRECAUTION: COMPARING RISK REGULATION IN THE UNITED STATES AND EUROPE (RFF Press, forthcoming June 2010) (with James K. Hammitt, Michael D. Rogers & Peter H. Sand)

Ernest A. Young

The Story of Banco Nacional de Cuba v. Sabbatino: Federal Judicial Power in Foreign Relations Cases, in FEDERAL COURTS STORIES 415-444 (Vicki C. Jackson & Judith Resnik eds., 2010)

Historical Practice and the Contemporary Debate Over Customary International Law, 109 Columbia Law Review Sidebar 31-41 (April 27, 2009)